Our Worst Hotel Stay

Our Worst Hotel Stay

We recently celebrated our wedding anniversary, and decided to stay at the same hotel we stayed in on our wedding night.  Thinking we could reminisce of those many years ago, and enjoy the luxury of a 4* hotel stay.  What actually happened was our worst hotel stay ever.

Oatlands Park Hotel

oatlands park hotel

Oatlands Park Hotel is a grade II listed building full of history.  The grounds of the hotel were originally the site of a Tudor Palace built by Henry VIII in 1538.

Whilst the building and grounds have been loving maintained, plus modernisation on the inside including rooms, reception etc.  I can not say the same for the rest of the experience.

Our disastrous Stay

Check In

When we arrived at the hotel, feeling happy and relaxed looking forward to a night away from normal life.  I went to check in, whilst my husband got our bags from the car.

On arriving at the reception, first I was told my husband was already here and had checked in.  I thought that this was a mistake on their part and why they had debited my account that morning, rather than at check in as stated. Then the other receptionist said we should have been there the day before.

Showing our confirmation that we were there on the correct day, he then picked the phone up to speak to someone, when a manager appeared.  Loudly, so other guests in the area could also here, stated that we were the no shows from yesterday. I pointed out we were not ‘no shows’ and showed him the confirmation for that day.

Everyone was looking at us by this stage, and we were told to wait over there.  No apology or offer of a coffee while they sorted the problem.

After sitting in reception for 15 minutes a room was finally found, I went to authorise a prepayment for use in the hotel.  At the time we just wanted to get to our room but instead of the £50 they take they took £100.  Also this came off my account and not just held as was confirmed.

The Room

The room was lovely and we could not fault it, there was a door to a balcony but this was locked.  Which we assumed was due to the balcony being very old and a low wall.

We had booked for afternoon tea, and wanted to freshen up before heading down.  We found that there was no running water in the bathroom.  So I called down to reception who sent a maintenance person to sort it out for us.  He stood there repeating I have no idea.  I will be back in 10 minutes.

After waiting half an hour, we rang reception again and told it would be 15 minutes, again another half an hour and still no water.  We headed down for our afternoon tea and stopped at the reception who told us and another guest 15 minutes.

I am not sure of the legality of it but thought that due to health and safety if there is not running water they should not be serving food or dink.  I also witnessed staff using the toilets so not sure how they washed their hands.

Eventually, the water did come back on, but they made no attempt to let any guests know or apologies.

Later that night

It was quite late and in our room, when suddenly the lights just went out.  Luckily I had my phone to hand so using the torch phoned down to reception.  Again sitting waiting while they investigated this and got the electricity back working.

Too hot

Being a woman of a certain age, means hot flushes.  The air conditioning was not working and we realised that there was no windows that would open to allow fresh air in.  I ended up having to get dressed and head outside to sit and cool down on numerous occasions.  Meaning no sleep.


At 9am our room door suddenly opened and a maid walked in.  There was no knock on the door or hesitation.  Luckily my husband was on the ball and stopped her walking straight in the room.

Then about 5-10 minutes later workmen started to drill and bang non stop, so no sleep all night, no luxury of a nice relaxing lie in.

We decided to pack up and leave.

Check out

I was tired and stressed and just wanted to leave we had enough.  I asked to speak to a Manager and explained all of the above.  The responses were.

  • No idea why they took £100, but this will be back on my account that day
  • I could have asked someone to open the balcony doors, there was no one around
  • The maid should not have done that
  • The builders should not have done that


We have emailed the manager regarding the above.  Not once were we told they had builders in and that our stay could be disturbed.  There is no mention at time of booking.  The manager has emailed us twice now and not once has their even been an apology, we have been offered a free upgrade on our next stay (subject to availability).

Never again

This hotel had many special memories for us, the staff have always been seen to go above their duties to make any guests stay a happy one.  It seems that this is no longer the case.  The staff are rude, and unhelpful.  We will never stay there again.

Our Worst Hotel Stay


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    1. I know and sadly looking at other reviews this was not a one off I know we will never stay there again, which is a shame as we have had some lovely times there

  1. It’s almost as if they don’t want the business – they’re not selling up by any chance? I don’t know how you kept so calm. I would have been equally loud about my objections. Sometimes I think we Brits just don’t ‘get’ customer service.

    1. No they have recently been taken over I think and renovations going on, which we found out about quite loudly. I was not calm and am known for saying something if there is a problem. At check out I raised my concerns and in the end left there really was no point. No apology apart from they should not have done that.

  2. Good customer care can improve a stay so much, you can tell how good a hotel is when they deal with guests in a pleasant and appropriate way and listen to their concerns when there is an issue. Unfortunately the customer care is obviously lacking here

    1. Exactly, we all know that events can happen ie water and electricity. It is the customer care that was lacking and we both left feeling shattered, stressed and miserable

    1. I was not impressed with how we were treated at check in, but was prepared to let that drop until the rest of the events unfolded, at one point my husband was waiting for Basil Falty to appear. Still not one apology.

    1. It was a disaster and no apology just an offer of a free upgrade when we stay again if their is availability but that is not an apology

  3. Oh, how very disappointing this was – especially for an anniversary celebration at your “wedding hotel”. Probably for the best that you checked out. Hope you found another place to celebrate your love! Shocking that they didn’t do more to make up for all that went wrong.

    1. It was disappointing and very upsetting at the time, they obviously have no respect for their guests and we certainly will not be staying there again

  4. I feel like it has come to a point where staff and employees should be trained in handling people and being effective and courteous as they perform their duties. Such cases are really becoming rampant, especially in regard to the reception. This must have been so disappointing!

    1. I have worked in customer facing roles for many years and if I treated just one customer in the way we were treated and others were as well, I would have been pulled up. It seems these days that customer service is not high up on working roles anymore

  5. I am so sorry that you had a horrible experience at this hotel. It all boils down to poor customer service and that you certainly do not deserve this experience on your special day. Hope they can work on improving their service after your feedback.

    1. It certainly has to win the worst hotel stay we have ever experienced. Sadly after looking at reviews I think that they just do not care

  6. Oh wow what an experience! I am really sorry to hear that this was so horrible I hope somehow you can get your money back.

    1. They won’t even apologise and zero silence. Just put it down to experience and hope I save someone else the misfortune of staying there

  7. Sorry about your disastrous experience. I work for a company and we are so big on making the customers’ experiences pleasurable. This is so sad.

    1. I have worked in customer facing rolls for most of my working life, and customer service has always been the thing they focus on, which is why I do expect it when I pay for a service or facility. There was honestly no customer service at all

  8. Wow, what an awful experience to have to go through, especially when you’re hoping for good memories since it was where your wedding was. I think if it was me, I probably would have left before even staying the night. LOL

    1. It was an awful experience, I think if we had known about how the night would turn out we would have done, and the no sleep just did not help matters especially when a maid just walks in

  9. Such a shame that you had such a terrible stay. I know how you feel though, We booked a terrible hotel in France this year and for the money we paid it was a bit of a let down.

    1. Oh no it is horrible to have such a let down when you book a hotel and it lets you down for one reason or another, or several in our case

  10. What a horrible experience! I would not want to stay in that hotel, period! The rudeness of that manager is inexcusable. He should have been more customer friendly. Thank you for writing about your experience. I hope they get to read this feedback and make improvements or lose the business.

  11. I’m sorry this happened to you! especially a place that held such lovely memories. It’s understandable that sometimes things are gonna go wrong, but it’s how they deal with the situation that impacts the experience! x


    1. Thank you, the things going wrong happen no matter what it is or where it is that is life. But customer service is the key and that is what lacked

  12. This is very sad when you booked in a hotel but turned out to have a horrible experience. It happened to me in Bangkok as well. They were doing some repairs and I can’t sleep the whole night.

    1. I am sorry you experienced a bad stay as well, hotels are where you go to stay for rest and relaxation not come away more tired and stressed than before you checked in x

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