Life In A Lockdown Linky – Week 30

Life In A Lockdown Linky - Week 30

I never thought that when we started week 1 of the life in a lockdown linky, that we would still be here in week 30.  It really is hard to believe that this time last year we had no idea of what was to happen this year.

Sadly, I can see this going on for a very long time to come.

How has my life been this past week.

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1) How are you feeling/coping?

Strangely am ok, I have been busy gutting C’s room and sorting out a lot of clutter we have around.  It is quite therapeutic throwing things in a skip and regaining space.

We are also a week into C and her new medication, we have one more week to go and then she is off one lot of meds and full strength on her new meds.  She has been suffering with the side effects which hopefully are starting to ease.

2) What have you been up to over the past 7 days?

De-cluttering we hired a skip as totally gutting C’s room, plus sorting the garage which was a nightmare.  Also been sorting out bit from other areas around the house.  It really does feel great.

3) What do you think the coming weeks and months might hold for you (or the world)?

Lockdown, I really can see us all going into lockdown in order to try and get this under control

4) If you could remind yourself something about this time in years to come what would it be?

Never take anything for granted

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.

Paint and wallpaper plus a new carpet which was from a small family run company

6) What is a unique (or not) technique you have used to get you through this time?

Talking and not bottling up worry or frustration

7) What is something your readers might not know about you?

I am an only child, my parents fostered for a while but never had siblings of my own

8) What have you been grateful for over the past 7 days?

My family and friends

44 cats

If you love competitions head over to 44 cats and enter their latest competition creating your favourite pasta dish, be quick though as ends 31st October.

Thank you to

Life In A Breakdown

I Always Believed In Futures

Who have been busy hosting this linky.

Life In A Break Down


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    1. I try not to think about it, but can see it happening. I am lucky we house share with my parents as my Dad is vulnerable and my Mum would not cope

  1. Lockdown is a great way to declutter. I agree with you — this time has taught a lot of us to be grateful for everything:

  2. Gosh, it’s crazy to think that it’s 30 weeks since lockdown started. There’s me thinking it was only going to last 3 weeks. lol
    Oh wow! It sounds like you have been busy. I sometimes think about getting a skip to clear my girls rooms. x

    1. It does not seem possible it is week 30, and remember thinking 3 weeks was a nightmare. To be fair it isnt’t just C’s room we used the skip for

  3. I am glad you are finding the decluttering a bit therapeutic, I think sometimes it can be nice to get through the clutter at times. I hope things keep getting better for C with the side effects.

    1. It is nice to do a huge declutter at times, she seems to be stabling a bit now but another change on Friday with the increase in the new meds and coming off one of the others totally

  4. I am a solitary person, quite an introvert so I’am not missing any real social contact. Doing pretty good, enjoying my hermit life – house, garden, cats, blogging !

  5. I am glad this week has been okay for you. Well done for decluttering, its something I need to do too! Thanks once again for linking up!

  6. I keep telling myself I will make some time to do some hose purging but haven’t yet. Cases are on the rise here, which is even more frightening knowing cold winter weather is coming.

  7. Yes, I’m grateful for my family and friends helping me through these weird times we are having too. It’s decluttering for me later in the week. Mich x

    1. It is important to talk more as it really does help, I always tell my friends they can call me anytime, even if it is just to cry down the phone just knowing someone is there listening

    1. We have had a huge declutter and feels so good to have done it, although I now have the bug and want to do the whole house

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