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How To Hook Up a Three Point Implement

Three-point hitches are very helpful connection points on the back of most tractors and some other heavy equipment. They allow for connecting a wide variety of attachments. There are quite a few different models of hitches, but they mostly work the same. The following are instructions that will work for the best 3-point quick hitch and many others like it.

The Components

Before going through the steps, it is helpful to know what components will be used. Typically, hitches have two lower link arms, one top link arm, two stabilizer arms and a PTO link point. The top link arm and one of the lower link arms will usually be adjustable, as are the stabilizers.

1) Back the Vehicle to the Implement

First, back the vehicle up to line it up with the implement on the ground. You don’t need to be 100% perfect, but the closer you get the link arms to the implement, the easier it will be. This is especially true for the non-adjustable link arm (most tractors only have one adjustable lower link arm).

2) Line Up and Connect the Non-Adjustable Lower Link Arm

Once the vehicle is backed up to the implement, it is time to connect the lower link arms of the 3 point trailer hitch. You should start with the non-adjustable one. Try to manually move it into place to fit onto the connection point on the implement. You may need to move the vehicle again to get this part lined up. Once ready, put the attachment pin in place.

3) Adjust the Adjustable Link Arm Then Connect It

Next, attach the remaining lower link arm. In most cases, this is adjustable using a turnbuckle. That makes it significantly easier to get properly lined up with the implement. Once you have it to the right length, put the pin in place to keep the link arm in position.

4) Adjust Then Connect the Top Link Arm

After the lower link arms are attached, connect the top link arm. This should also be adjustable using a turnbuckle. Once it is lined up, put the connecting pin(s) in place. The implement is now connected to the tractor.

5) Raise the Implement Then Adjust the Stabilizers

At this point, the implement can be maneuvered by the tractor link arms. Lift it up off the ground with the tractor. Finally, adjust the stabilizers on the left and right sides. These prevent the implement from swinging back and forth while moving.

6) Connect the PTO Shaft

Finally, you can connect the PTO shaft. This is short for power take off, which lets the implement get power from the tractor. Of course, many items that connect to a 3 point hitch do not need this.

For example, a trailer may not need the PTO. However, a 3 point snow blower typically will.

Order Three Point Implements

With the right 3 point implements, you will be ready for a wide variety of tasks. These can help to make your tractor or other heavy equipment significantly more versatile. Now that you know how to connect the implements, you are ready to get to work. Order today.

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