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How To Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity is not something we’re born with; as a parent you can nurture your child’s creativity and help them explore the imaginative side of themselves. If children are given opportunities to engage in creative activities from a young age, this opens their minds to all the possibilities in the world around them and broadens their perspective on life. If you’d like to boost your child’s creativity, read on for some tips from a nursery in Wirral.

Making things

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Giving your child the chance to make things as often as possible will improve their creative thinking and problem solving skills. You could encourage them to make a model with different materials from your recycling bins, or even make handmade cards and gifts for friends’ or relatives’ birthdays. Putting a lot of thought into designing a gift for someone they care about will help your child feel proud of themselves and boost their self-esteem, while allowing them to explore their creative capabilities.



Encourage your child to write or just make up stories based on people they’ve seen or things that have happened in their life. Planning a plot and visualising characters will get their creative juices flowing, and they can write the story down or just draw it through pictures to bring it to life. You could then get them to read their story to the rest of the family, or tell it to their friends at school.



If your garden could do with a bit of an overhaul, prompt your child to redesign it, or an area of it, and make it an interesting project for them. They could sketch out how they want it to look first, and then you could work together to get all the tools you need and get to work transforming the garden. This will be a great creative project for your child as they’ll have to visualise first how they want the garden to look and plan it out, before implementing the steps to realise their vision.

Apps and games


Although you might not associate screen time with creativity, there are lots of games and apps to help foster children’s creativity; for example, there are games that allow children to design their own farm or create their own outfits for characters to wear. If your child is interested in technology, they could flex their creative muscles by learning how to design a robot and get it working, or design their own virtual environment.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to activities which boost children’s creativity.

How To Boost Your Child's Creativity

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