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Guest Post by Emily – The Dreaded Smear Test

Today, I am publishing a guest post from an old friend of mine Emily who writes her own blog Luciferslefthand.  I have known Emily for a very long time.  She is one of the most honest people I know, who will tell it to you straight. But she is also one of the most supportive people I know.

One thing Emily is passionate about is the dreaded smear test. We all dread it, but all go along to our appointment and say afterwards it was not too bad.  Everyone who knows Emily, when they get their letter through the post, automatically thinks I must tell her I have one booked.

So my letter turned up yesterday reminding me it is time to go and have my test. I automatically thought of Emily (she does get known for a lot more as well). Whilst on Facebook I saw that Emily had written a post on her blog about smear tests. Knowing she is so passionate about this, and it is something that women are scared of, or put off.  I asked if she would like to write a guest post for me, and she very kindly agreed and sent this over to me.

Hi followers of Stressed Sam!

First of all, i’d like to say a big thanks to Sam for inviting me to do a guest post on her blog. Makes me feel all grown up and like a proper blogger! I’ve arrived! 
I’ve known Sam for very many years, though we’ve yet to meet in the flesh. We have daughters the same age and have talked and laughed and cried our way through the many and varied trials and tribulations of parenting together. I don’t care what anyone says, some of my best friends live in my computer. We have an amazing supportive community of friends going on through cyberspace. 
So, as to why I’m guesting here. To cut a long story short (and should you want to know more of the story, feel free to visit my blog at I want to make you ladies go and get your smear test. Like, today. Smear testing saved my life and since then I’ve been on a bit of a personal mission to harass and cajole as many people as possible to go. I have created a hash tag for the sake of spreading this message far and wide. Now, a word of warning, I’m not one for subtle. and I’m a bit fond of swear words. so my hashtag might be a bit rude. But its effective and that’s what counts right?


use it, talk about it,  blame the vulgarity on me. I don’t care. I’d rather be known for being a potty mouth that gets people to get their check ups!


it gets less gross over time. 
or not. 
apologies for lowering the tone, Sam….
A huge thank you to Emily for writing a guest post for me, and ladies please do not put off your smear test when that letter comes through.
I have also spoken about Breast Cancer Awareness where I talk openly about my scare.
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