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The Reality Of Living With A Teen

We all know I have two teens living in my house. My Daughter C who is 13 and my stepson S who is 18. So I thought I would do a little post about the reality of living with a teenn the house.

We all think that toddlers are the hardest age. Let me tell you that is not the case. Teens are the hardest age so far and I am going to give you a few reasons why.

I am not going to talk about C, as due to her illness she is really easy. Before she became ill she had the strops and attitude though.

I am going to talk about the 18 year old. Who now he is 18 thinks he is an adult and he can do what he wants and we can not tell him otherwise.

Attitude – 

We all know about attitude, and a shrug or mumble and then getting stroppy when you ask them to repeat it. This is a special teen language. But you have to be all happy and jolly and are not allowed to say anything out of turn. Without the attitude showing its head.  All you need to do sometimes is say hello and you would have thought I had just given him a lecture.

Respect – 

We are quite easy going parent. He works hard and long hours and on a weekend he does what he wants, or has lies in. Honestly you would think we would we the total opposite.

Food – 

Never under estimate the amount of food an 18 year old eats. I shop once a week and included in the shop is certain things I buy for others. He thinks all the food is for him. The only time I do go mad is when he eats things I have got in for C. As you may remember she also has problems with her jaw. We have to really think about what she can eat without causing her too much pain and discomfort. Obviously to him it is all for him, it is nothing to do with him being greedy or mean. He just does not think.  I have to hide things now just so he doesn’t eat it all. That in turn makes me feel mean. I also buy food in for his snacks and lunch at work, so he leaves that and uses up everything else.

Laziness – 

It will not be a surprise to know that laziness would be in there somewhere. He does work hard and works long hours in a physical job, he also does overtime and stays on if needed, he never shys aways from work, but when he is at home he just makes a mess.  I refuse to go in his bedroom now, I think you would need a protective suit, I have lost a lot of sheets and duvet sets and towels, where I give him clean ones to swap over, last week I left them outside his door, after 2 days I got fed up so chucked them in his room.  I have now told him that until all dirty bedding and towels are put in the wash and his bed made properly, I am not doing one more piece of washing or ironing for him, not sure how long I will stick to my guns on this, but he has more.washing and ironing than the rest of us do together.

Caring – 

It is not all doom and gloom, he is caring and loves doing things with us, and is such a great big brother to C.  Yes he winds her up and I often have to go in and tell him to leave her alone, but I reckon I could write a hit comedy show with the banter those two have, they are so funny together.

Mess – 

He leaves stuff everywhere, dirty plates, cups, glasses are just left where he is and when we run out I send him to empty his bedroom.  But we own a dishwasher and if he has cooked something he washes everything up after him, does not clean the kitchen after himself though.

Teenagers are very hard work, drive you mad but you would not be without them.

Do you have any teens living in your house, or are you yet to experience this?

The Reality Of Living With A Teen

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