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Getting My Garden Summer Ready With Garden Tool Box

With the nicer weather hopefully on the way, after we were spoilt at Easter.  I have been looking at our garden a little more. I admit we have neglected it a little over the winter and colder months.  Which is not surprising as neither of us are keen gardeners. Although we both enjoy a nice relaxing garden.

Recently we have been looking at our garden and talking about ways to keep it maintained with the minimalist effort.  We have a huge garden which is great for the dogs, but not so great for us. So on a rare morning while it was nice enough to sit outside and enjoying our morning coffee.  We chatted about what needs to be addressed and what we need to buy.

Our Garden List

Lawn Mower


This is essential for our garden as it is mostly lawn.  As our lawn mower is very old and was starting to play up last year and has got no better over the winter.  Which makes mowing our lawn even harder.  We have been looking at a buying a new one and have opted for another petrol one as it saves on getting extension leads out and worrying about where the wire is.

Pressure Washer


Luckily this is one purchase we do not need to make as ours is still working fine.  But we need to pressure wash down our patio and give it a freshen up.


This is top of our list of jobs that needs doing.  It is a constant battle and we are discussing digging everything up and barking or gravelling the areas over and planting the pants in big pots along the garden.  This will hopefully make it much more manageable and less time-consuming.

The nicer bits

Once we have the garden looking lovely again, or at least the patio area cleaned.  We can then look at putting out the garden furniture and barbeque.  I am also looking at a fire pit as well for when the evenings get a little chilly.

As already said we are not keen gardeners and hopefully by completing the list after a little hard work, our garden will be manageable.  There are sites online such as Garden Tool Box who have everything you need to help make all these jobs a little easier.

If you have a garden have you started getting it summer ready? Or have you been planning on what jobs you need to make a start on?

Garden Tool Box Review



  • jojo vito
    29 October 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Gardening is one family activity we love to do with the kids. It is a great opportunity to be together, have fun and its very productive. And yes, We do have these tools which you have mentioned.

    • admin
      29 October 2019 at 1:30 pm

      Gardening is fun for the whole family especially children, my daughter used to always be in the garden doing something


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