Dreaming Of Paradise With Palmolive

Dreaming Of Paradise With Palmolive

I may be showing my age here, when I say ‘The Taste Of Paradise’.  Some will have no idea what I am talking about, others will know I am talking about Bounty chocolate bars.  Like wise coconut fragrance always reminds me of holidays, even on a cold and grey winters day.

With many of us having to cancel our holidays this year, suddenly going from a holiday abroad.  We are now having a few days away here in the UK or day trips from home. To combat this I have recently been using Palmolive Natural Coconut Shower Milk.



I have always loved the Palmolive range, and always opt for creamy shower creams.  I always find them to moisturise my skin. When I saw the Coconut Shower Cream I was feeling down and miserable about no holidays in the near future.  I thought if I could not go away, I could still get that coconut fragrance I always associate with being away.


That night as I stepped into the shower, I used my new shower cream, closed my eyes and thought about past holidays.  The fragrance took me right back.  It is not strong or overpowering, and the cream was a lovely consistency, to clean and moisturise your skin all in one.

I also love how you can still smell the fragrance a while after my shower.  Usually I tend to moisturise my skin after a shower, but decided to see how my skin would feel without doing so.  I was pleasantly surprise that it felt ok. As my skin is prone to dryness I have carried on moisturising but that is my personal choice.


For me skin products are important, over the years I have found you can find the perfect product that does not cost a fortune.  I have not tried the coconut shower milk before, but know it will be one I do continue using.  Especially during the summer and also those grey miserable days of winter.  When you are craving the the sun and the sand, sipping cocktails.

Have you tried Palmolive Coconut Shower Milk? If so what are your thoughts on it?

Dreaming Of Paradise With Palmolive

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  1. I definitely know Palmolive but I don’t think I’ve tried this particular product from them, I am always looking for good shower products so I am going to have to check it out!

  2. I haven’t noticed that new Palmolive shower cream variant in the store, but I will sure get one when I do my next grocery run. I like the scent and Palmolive is always a good choice.

  3. I’m not usually the biggest fan of coconut scents but it does always remind me of holidays so it would be a nice summer scent for that x

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