Diary of a Menopausal Mum – 30/04/21

Diary of a Menopausal Mum - 30/04/21

Last week I bought back my weekly feature of Diary of a Menopausal Mum, in case you missed the post you can catch up with it here.

My poor family have certainly been through it with my emotions this week. I hope you are having a better week.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

As you will know C suffers with a chronic illness, alongside this she has ongoing migraines which she has 24/7.  She has noise and light sensitivity.  This means she hardly opens her bedroom curtains. So, me being me, had a brainwave if I got her some voile type curtain to go across her window so she can have her curtains open this will be a win.  As it will filter out some of the light.

As we had recently got new curtain rails, I knew the size of the window, this is where my stupidness comes in.  I was looking for a pole for the voile and my husband said get one like that.  So I ordered that one which was too small, I told him that he had said to order that one (I swear I was never this bad before the menopause hit).

I was presented with a tape measure and told to go and measure the window, it then took me 10 minutes to work out the correct size to order and luckily got it right second time.


Photo by JC Dela Cuesta on Unsplash

For a while now I have been terrible for tripping over nothing or nearly falling over.  I have no idea why but I seem to be quite talented and an expert at it now.  My poor husband just says now what are you doing.


Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

C with her illness should be the hardest of my three kids, sadly she is the easiest.  Although the eldest seems to be doing ok at the moment now.  Our middle one is causing me so much stress and worry.  Kids are meant to get easier as they get older but they seem to get worse.

Did you see?

Have you seen my latest giveaway? If not head over to this post to find out more, essentially it is for a baby essential kit, but one of the products is a cooling spray which is great for helping with the hot flushes.  I think I am going to have to buy it in bulk for when the summer arrives.

How has your week been?

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  1. I suffer with light sensitivity aswell, It’s really annoying! I feel like I need sunglasses on whenever the sun is out

    1. It is horrible isn’t it, I thought I would try the voile to see if it helped and means she can have her curtains open

  2. My kids are the same way too. I was also made to believe that it would be easier once they are grown. Nope, I don’t think so. They are still needy and loud, and calling me to no end.

  3. Awwh migraines are the worst. I sometimes get them and went through a spell of being very unwell with them, luckily I control them now with magnesium supplements and propranolol, however sometimes I get very bad headaches without the need to be bedbound which is awful. Wonderful read as usual!

    1. She has them 24/7 we tried propranolol but they did not help, we are currently coming off one lot and increasing a new one which she is struggling with.

  4. Oh love her, must be so hard and that’s a great idea about the curtains. God I am terrible for falling over and dropping things and generally just being completely clumsy! I am know for it now.

  5. A great idea to add voile to help with light sensitivity. The past couple of weeks have been so bright so I’m sure these have been welcomed.

  6. Having voiles is a nice idea so that C can get some light without it being too intense. My week has been quite nice thanks, but I wish it was just a little warmer x

    1. The voiles are helping and the ones I chose for her are so pretty as well, there are so many types to choose. I wish the weather was warmer you would think we were in the middle of winter at the moment x

  7. From what I hear kids get harder when they get older. You get a whole new set of issues to deal with. Mine aren’t too bad yet.

    1. They do the eldest two are in their 20’s one especially is causing sleepless nights at the moment

  8. Tripping over isn’t fun, do you flex your feet a lot? As we get older, if we don’t, we tend to drop our feet a little which causes trips. Might be worth flexing them back and forward whilst watching TV! A little goes a long way. I love your blogs, great work!

  9. My boyfriend is blind in one eye and very sensitive to light too because of this, love the idea with the curtains! Maybe I should try this

  10. Migraines are the most awful thing to get. I feel sorry for your daughter to have to cope with it daily. Have you tried a pale coloured roller blind behind the curtain for day time? It might help.

  11. Migraines are horrible, I have them and so does my teen. Not fun to go through
    We have a joke in our house that I will fall into holes that aren’t there or trip over invisible things. It is actually a thing isn’t it?

    1. I am sorry about the migraines my daughter has ongoing which means they are there 24/7. The falling and tripping is a real thing x

    1. People suffer in different ways, I am under gynea with mine and will write about it at some point, but I am trying to make these posts light hearted and look at the funny side of the menopause

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