BIC Young Artist Award

BIC Young Artist Award

As a parent I know what it is like to have your child present their latest piece of artwork.  Where you at times look with a smile on your face trying to work out what it is.  Or look amazed at what a great piece of artwork they have done.

Did you know that the average child will produce more than 2000 pieces of arts and crafts for their parents before they turn 12. Which is why we often struggle as to where to keep their artwork or display it.  From the massive pile of drawings, greeting cards etc. Which research has shown that a parent will display their childs masterpieces for around 9 months.

The BIC KIDS Young Artist Award


This summer, the BIC KIDS Young Artist Award will be rewarding the creativity of children from across the country by offering them the opportunity to see their artwork graduate from the fridge door to billboards

Who can enter

The competition is open to all 5 to 11 year olds and all entrants should be encouraged to exercise their artistic flair and let their imaginations run wild.

Once your child has created their showstopper, parents can enter very easily by visiting BIC Kids and uploading the artwork before the deadline on August 4th.

The Prize

Once entries close on 4th August, BIC’s expert judging panel will select one finalist from each region, whose amazing artwork will be used on local billboards throughout the voting stage of this years BIC KIDS Young Artist Award.

The 13 finalists will also receive a certificate and a bundle of BIC KIDS goodies, which have be specifically designed to help children hone their artist talent.  The hampers will include an array of exciting stationery products including

  • BIC KIDS Evolution Ecolutions Colouring Pencils
  • BIC KID Couleur Felt Tip Colouring Pens.

Once the public has decided who will be crowned the overall champion for the 2018 BIC KIDS Young Artist Award. The winner will have their artwork published on a combination of 6 sheet posters and 49 billboards.

You can find the full terms and conditions for the BIC KIDS Young Artist Award here

Good luck

BIC Young Artist Award

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  1. This is cool. I didn’t know that “the average child produces more than 2000 pieces of arts and crafts for their parents before they turn 12.” Amazing. But out of curiosity though, who counted? 😀

  2. Well, there’s a place for all that artwork and if it encourages kids to hone their artistic skills, so be it. There’s a budding Picasso in there somewhere.

  3. This is so awesome! I love it when companies encourage kids to do something creative and worthwhile. And just in time for the end of summer too!

  4. It’s so cool they are having an award to encourage children to get their inner artist out. I know my daughter would have loved this when she was younger.

    1. It is a great way to encourage children to be artistic, my Daughter is too old now as well she would have loved this

  5. I am excited to see the winning artwork! My friend’s daughter has been winning awards for her artwork, but she’s 13 now and over the age limit for this contest. Anyway, I will be keeping an eye out for the winning entries. BIC did a good job initiating this campaign to spark the kids’ creativity!

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