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Best Way To Get A New Car

Where I live, we do have buses but it is just one every half hour, and one an hour at weekends.  This means we do need a car, especially when taking C out.

Owning a car to us is a lifeline, as it is for many others.  But it is an expense, and as our cars get older, the more it can go wrong, where we are paying out for repairs and being without a car for a few days.  Until one day you have no other option but to get rid of it and look for a new one.

When it is time to get a new car

range rover

For us we need a bigger car, so need to look at boot space to see if it can easily fit C’s wheelchair.  Obviously my husband looks at other factors but I look at the important things.

We had a Range Rover years ago, and I have wanted another one since, but to buy a new one is out of our budget and without taking out finance,

Have you thought of leasing?


I have now found a way where I can own a new car through Land Rover Leasing. On reflection this seems to be the best option.  With leasing you choose

  • Length of lease
  • Exterior Colour
  • Interior Trim
  • Any extras you would like

With leasing you also get

  • Warranty
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Road Tax
  • Free delivery to you

For me leasing seems to be the best option, as you will have a reliable car and one in your choice of colour inside and out.  You also have the added security of breakdown cover which will reduce your outgoings from buying this separately.

As always you need to be able to afford the monthly payments, and commit to the length of lease.  But if you can do this it is a great option to consider.

Best Way To Get A New Car

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