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A Look To The Future

Our house is an old Victorian 2 up 2 down with an extension built onto the back.  Which makes the house bigger to live in as a family.

We have recently been talking about how we want to renovate the property and turn it into our dream home.  Which will mean a lot of renovating work.

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What We Have Now

The front of the house is the original part of 2 up 2 down, which are small rooms, with a steep staircase going between the two sides. The back of the house the width of the house is our dining area and kitchen, with a downstairs toilet and the garage attached. With the upstairs have two extra bedrooms and the bathroom in the extension part.

The house fits our needs as in space, but do feel there is so much more we can do to open it up and make it a much more family friendly home.

Our Plans


We have talked about this for a few years now, of what we want our house to look like. It will not be cheap and there will be a lot of mess but will be worth it.

We want to extend out the extension, we know this can be done as both sides have done this.  So the planning permission is just a formality.  The back of the house I want to be more family orientated. Have it as the lounge, dining area and kitchen across the width of the house.  Currently our lounge area is in the front of the house where we have to watch the space and also have people walking past looking in.

One of the reasons for moving the lounge to the back of the house is the privacy, but also the space.  I want a big leather corner suite.  Another feature I want is the feeling of combining the inside and the garden and having those huge doors that open up.

I know this will mean probably having to knock down the current extension and rebuilding.  Which means the upstairs will be changed also, so am hoping I can fit in an en suite bathroom.


With this in mind, we have talked about the staircase, as ours is steep steps and narrow and dark.  So have been looking at maybe having the stair case opened up somehow. Or an extra one put in when the extension is being built. We have looked at staircase refurbishment so this is an option if it can be done.

A Look To The Future



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