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5 Ways to Relieve Some of the Stress of Working From Home

It might not seem like it, but working from home can actually be very stressful. If you’re new to remote working, and struggling to adapt, then these simple techniques can help you relieve some of the stress.


Theoretically, it’s possible to work where you want, whenever you want when you work remotely. The question is, does this enable you to do your best work?

The art of working from home is finding what works best for you. For many people, this is going to involve strong routines. It sounds boring compared to working in your bed when you feel like it, but it’s going to help you work more efficiently and feel better.

Set good routines and keep optimizing them.


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We tend to underestimate the physical impact that sitting at a desk all day has on our bodies. We were made to be out in the fresh air and active, and the modern work environment takes us out of this comfort zone.

You’ve got to make sure you’re looking after your body when you’re working from home, and items such as ergonomic chairs and standing desks can help you do this.

It might take a little investment to get the right equipment, but it can make all the difference to your work from home experience.

Take Breaks

When you work from home you have the freedom to find out how to get the most out of your work day. In the past, it’s often been accepted that people sit at their desk for 8-10 hours straight and don’t leave. However, in recent times we’ve understood more about the human attention span and how to get the most out of it.

Working long hours without breaks won’t necessarily mean you get more work done. Instead, by breaking up your day into manageable chunks, you might well find you work more efficiently.

So, take regular breaks where you do something that takes your mind off work such as picking out your auntie gifts, and then return to work with a clear mind and lots of motivation.

Remove Distractions


One of the big causes of stress when working from home is the added distractions you might have. This can be difficult to deal with, as at the end of the day, it’s a home, and you likely share it with other people.

However, you’ve got to try and remove the distractions you can control. For example, if your phone isn’t a key part of what you’re working on, and you find it’s distracting you, then put it somewhere where it’s not tempting you.

You’ve got to find ways of managing the distractions, so you can give your work your full attention.

Set Boundaries

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Working from home is naturally going to blur the line between your work and personal life. They’re both occupying the same space now, so it’s important to make sure you’re setting boundaries.

You need to find the right balance between working and living your life, and this takes plenty
of discipline.

5 Ways to Relieve Some of the Stress of Working From Home

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