5 Aspects of an Effective Study Space

5 Aspects of an Effective Study Space

A study environment for children or adults plays a huge role in their ability to learn and retain information. For children it can mean the difference between acing their school exams or really struggling with studying. For this reason it is so important for parents to help set up a well-designed space for school work and exam revision.

There are lots of factors to consider when setting up an effective study space including good lighting, minimal distractions and comfort. A Prep School in Oxfordshire have put together the following advice, tips and tricks for parents who want to create a suitable environment in their home for their children, which will help them perform better in school.

Light it up

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Reading and writing without appropriate task lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches. Which will drastically reduce motivation and productivity. If there’s a window in your study room, it’s worth putting the desk near it. Of course, natural lighting isn’t always available, especially after school in the winter when it gets dark early so table lamps or led lighting would both be good options.

Make it comfortable

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Your child could be spending considerable amounts of time in the same position. So it is important to ensure that the seat and desk are at the right height and layout for optimum comfort. This will avoid any back or neck aches creeping up and causing discomfort.

Get the essentials

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Preparation is key when it comes to sticking to a study schedule. Make sure your child has everything they need to hand. Make sure you have all of the pens, pencils, maths equipment and arts and crafts that your child might need for their schoolwork.

Limit distractions

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Their new workspace should be a mobile phone & television free zone. Of course, they may need a computer or tablet to access certain information from time to time, but this should only be used for educational purposes and not to play games.

To motivate and keep them focused, decorate the space with inspiring sayings. You can do this by making a quote design online and printing it. Make sure to use a lot of colors and choose attractive free fonts to make the design pop.

Think about storage space

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Your child will need a place to keep their books and notes organised. In a filing cabinet, book shelf or just the drawers in their desk. Without some form of storage, they will never be able to find anything. And will probably waste important study time searching for things through messy piles.

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