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3 Low-Cost De-Stressing Techniques for Busy Mums

A mum’s hustle never ends. Whether you’re in corporate, earning by day and mothering by night, or you’re a stay-at-home mama who tends to kids 24/7 – we’ve all got unique challenges that make every day an effort. Giving yourself some time by asking your husband to take over for you for a few hours on the weekends can make you feel recharged and ready to face the new, busy week ahead. Read on to find 3 Low-Cost De-Stressing Techniques for Busy Mums.

But even when you get the chance to ‘treat yourself’, so to speak, mom-guilt might still get the best of you. That simply means that you might struggle to find practically in spending a lot for yourself! So the solution? Here are 3 low-cost de-stressing techniques for busy moms that won’t put a dent on your wallet, but will definitely give you that million-dollar feeling.

Sweat It Out

Many mums have found that the best zero cost solution for accumulated stress is to sweat it out. Sure, you might be thinking “I don’t have time for fitness!” but this isn’t really so much about reclaiming your pre-pregnancy body as it is about curbing tension. Remember – you can’t pour from an empty vessel! Making room for ‘mum time’ can help you be your best for your kids.

Try to discover an exercise routine that makes you feel recharged. It can be anything from jogging to stretching, to yoga, or simply walking around your home for a few minutes. Again, it doesn’t have to have the elaborate preparations, the pre and post workout meals, the cute workout clothes or anything like that. Just get your body moving and reduce stress by physical exertion.

Pamper Yourself and Unwind

If your husband can hold down the fort for an hour or two, then you might want to consider a pamper sesh in your own bathroom. Run the hot water, get in the tub, and just soak it up for a while. It works because even showers have to be rushed when you’re a mum. So simply being able to enjoy those few, sweet, intimate moments can be a real treat.

If you’d like, you can soak it up with your smartphone in hand so you can clock in those social media minutes. Afterward, you can extend the pamper session to include an elaborate skin care routine. After all – how would it be different from any old bath if you don’t do something special throughout the process?

Once that’s done, consider a spritz of your favorite fragrance. A wonderful scent to try would be the Copycat formula inspired by Aventus for Her. It’s feminine yet strong – exactly the kind of scent you’d need to refresh your energy! Then spend a few minutes in bed for a while and refocus. You’re sure to feel like your tank is full after the whole process.

Find a Mum Group

You’re probably thinking you’ve hardly got enough time to hop in the car and meet with a group, but internet groups don’t need the same commitment! Whenever you feel a little extra stressed, reach out to mums in your cyber-circle to talk about what you’re stressing over. It can feel so incredibly 


3 Low-Cost De-Stressing Techniques for Busy Mums

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