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Why is Pastoral Care so Important in Schools?

Pastoral care is put in place by schools to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of each student, as well as provide a supportive atmosphere to the whole school community.

Responsibility for pastoral care is shared between school staff, teachers and students. In order to facilitate an effective pastoral care programme, a whole school ethos needs to be established.

A successful pastoral care programme safeguards children and helps them to reach their full potential. This includes developing each child’s personal and academic skills to prepare them for the future. It also encourages pupils to value one another and to respect the views of others.

To get a better understanding of why pastoral care is so important, an Independent school in Harpenden have put together some of the many areas it covers…

Personal safety


Pastoral care is often included in lessons. For example, children are taught about bullying, mental health and sex education, as well as road safety and online safety.

Accidents and illness


From playground injuries to falling ill at school. Pastoral care covers the procedures put in place to deal with all accidents and illnesses. If your child’s school offers immunisation programmes, this would also fall under a pastoral care duty.



Ensuring that the school premises are safe and secure also falls under the pastoral care umbrella. This is usually assigned to a caretaker to oversee. Who will check the school boundaries are secure and that all fire alarms are working correctly. School security also ensures that everyone visiting the school is vetted and closely monitored.

Residential boarding

boarding school

In boarding school, pastoral care is also covered by the boarding staff that need to be on-hand to provide additional support for children staying away from parents. These children may need additional help with certain household duties, transport or making arrangements for cultural and religious celebrations.

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