Why I Need An Acoustic Pod

Why I Need An Accoustic Pod

As you will probably all know by now, I have to work from home for various reasons.  But the main reason is due to my Daughter being ill and needing me/us.

Why do I need an acoustic Pod?

My husband also works from home, and we have our own purpose-built studio.  This is where I split my work time, as  find it easier to work with no interruptions. Apart from 1.

When taking a break he likes to play his guitars, which I do love and often sing along while working.  But at times if I need to have things a little quieter, I have to pack up and go back in the house.  Where I find it difficult to concentrate if things need to be done.

This is why I have been looking at acoustic Pods lately.

What is an acoustic Pod?

An acoustic Pod is an enclosed area that is sound controlled, ideal for meetings, time out giving you a quiet workspace area. They are also mobile so can be moved around, which is great for us as my husband is a photographer and we often move the studio around, although I do have an area it can be put where it can stay.

The pods also come with integrated lighting and power, which is another added bonus for me.

What are the benefits for me?

Until recently I had no idea these existed, but after a frustrating afternoon we started looking for solutions. For somewhere that we can both work, or let off steam.  Without disturbing the other.  As I will admit my husband could benefit from an area like this as well at times.

The benefits for me

  • Quieter working environment
  • Space to think
  • No interruptions
  • Less mess as you can just take in what you need

Whether you work from home or in an office, you need to have the best workspace that you can.  At times you need to look into other areas and ideas.  An acoustic pod is certainly something we are looking at getting.

Have you thought about an acoustic Pod?


Why I Need An Accoustic Pod







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  1. I struggle to work when there are distractions so an acoustic pod would work well for me too x

    1. It is something we are both thinking about seriously as we do have the space for it and would ease the times when we need silence x

    1. I hadn’t either until I looked into them further, but they are a great idea and something we are considering x

  2. I’d never heard of an acoustic pod before, but they sound like an incredible invention. I think I could do with one myself!!

    Louise x

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