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Tips for a smooth return to work after having a child

Returning to work after maternity leave is an essential transition for new mothers. Many times, however, this transition is difficult. This is because the new mother feels guilty that she is moving away from her baby to work. So below are some tips to help new mothers get back to work smoothly.

Find the person who will take care of the child when you work


First, as the days of leave end, make sure you are really ready to go back to work. Discuss it with your family and find a person who will take care of the child during the hours you will be missing. It could be someone from your family or a babysitter. Get to know this person better and make sure he is the right one before you start working again. You need to trust the person next to your child.

Prepare for the days when the baby will get sick

ill child


You also need to find a spare caregiver for the baby. Prepare for the moment when your baby will need you while you are in an important business meeting or presentation. Please consider who will be the first contact in case of need for the daycare centre or the nanny. Also, think about what you will do on days when your baby is sick or when you need to see your doctor for vaccinations.

Contact your boss before returning to work


A few days before returning to work, you should contact your boss. Let him know your exact return date. Do not forget to ask for a more flexible egg for the first period of return to work. Let him know, too, about the times you will most likely be forced to miss. Show enthusiasm and explain the reasons you are looking forward to returning to work.

Schedule your return to work date


Schedule your return date. Be sure to return to work at the end of the week and not at the beginning. If you return to the office on Monday, you will find it more challenging to adjust. On the contrary, a Thursday or a Friday are ideal days for an easier transition to work. This is because the weekend is approaching, which will help you identify and correct possible problems that have arisen.

Get ready for a new morning routine

morning routine

Two days in advance, get ready for your new morning routine. Create a trial day. In it, wake up early with an alarm clock, take the child to the nanny and move on to work. This is a more time-consuming process than the one you had before the baby was born. So, you will identify possible problems by doing this trial, and you will better organise your time in the mornings. Even if you work from home as a voice actress, recording your various parts with the special equipment you have, you need to create a morning routine that is important for your performance. 

So this particular profession can offer flexibility but also freedom of movement, you should keep in mind that it needs consistency and combination. Trusting the Voquent company, you can obtain new work projects that guarantee you complete creative satisfaction while at the same time offering you the opportunity to make a living.

Give yourself time to acclimatize


The first few days in the office will probably not be excellent. Do not despair and give yourself time until you are completely acclimatized. Socializing with other working mothers will help you feel better and share experiences. The first time at work, you may miss your baby. Don’t worry; this is perfectly normal.

Tips for a smooth return to work after having a child

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