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Three cosmetics that will make your Mother’s Day special

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so it is a great reason to take good care of ourselves. We know that the life of a mom is super busy and might be quite stressful, that’s why it is so important to find time just for yourself to relax. Now be sincere, when was the last time you found time to treat yourself to a nice fragrant bath in the candlelight? When did you do the whole beauty routine? How many times have you gone to sleep with full makeup on? When was the last time you slept the recommended 8 hours? Our skin has to handle our beauty slip-ups such as lack of sleep, chronic tiredness and harmful daily pollutants. This Mother’s Day do something special for yourself! With the help of our three recommendations of Skincare and Makeup cosmetics from a beauty store like Roxie Cosmetics, it will be super easy and fun! Let’s start!

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Three cosmetics that will make your Mother’s Day special:

1 Beauty Mask

Treat yourself with a Skincare special – a face mask. At Roxie Cosmetics you can find the beauty treatment your skin craves for. This online store offers masks that help moisturize the skin, nourish it and rejuvenate it and will not drain your budget. Make the treatment cool and extra pleasant and choose fragrant jelly masks from Bielenda with pineapple, strawberry or kiwi. The masks are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and contain a prebiotic, which strengthens and improves the skin’s resistance to harmful factors and restore the right pH of the skin. The jelly mask from Bielenda costs around £2 and will be enough for two applications.

2 Relaxing fragrant bath in candlelight

Take time for a long, warm bath. Baths are great for relaxing muscle tension. Choose a vegan, handmade bath bomb with your favourite smell. At Roxie Cosmetics you will find not only a vast choice of bath bombs but also beautifully packaged candles – everything you need to make your bath special!

3 Highlighter – a secret weapon of a youthful-looking makeup

Glow is the magic ingredient of any youthful-looking Makeup. Tiredness and lack of sleep cause the skin to go grey and look old. With a good highlighter like fine pearl mist by Bielenda you can turn the clock a few years back. The multifunctional Bielenda Magic Water 3in1 Face Mist with the micro diffusion technology will cover your skin with a sparkling mist, which will improve the skin tone and will illuminate your Makeup. At Roxie Cosmetics it costs only £4.99 and can be used as a primer, highlighter and a moisturizer. 

 We hope you liked our Mother’s Day cosmetic recommendations. Remember, that a happy mom is a relaxed mom. Your family needs you to be happy and in a good health, so it is important to take care of yourself daily.

Three cosmetics that will make your Mother’s Day special

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