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Cheap And Durable Flooring Options

Installing a new floor can seriously dent your bank balance if you don’t weigh your options well.Thankfully, there are many reasonably priced flooring options today in the market, than ever before, which can provide a fashionable floor at a fraction of the old cost. To make an informed choice, here are some strengths (and shortcomings) of some affordable flooring materials to assist you in choosing one that will enhance the look of your home.

Porcelain Tiles

Since porcelain tiles undergo extremely high temperature and pressure in their manufacture, they are strong, sturdy and long-lasting. Again, since they are non-porous, they can resist any kind of scratch or stain. Since they are available in many designs and colors, they can be easily made to look like wood or stone. Porcelain Tiles are very cheap, but the only drawback is the weight, which makes them difficult to transport.

Laminated flooring

Laminated floors are only marginally more expensive than porcelain tiles.They replicate different wood floors very well, and can raise the look of your home at a fraction of the price for hardwood. Laminate floors are light, easy to install over existing floors, easy to maintain and are fade and scratch resistant.These floors are however not recommended for moisture prone areas as they tend to disintegrate in presence of standing water. Once damaged, these floors can only be replaced and never repaired.


If you have been pining for a swanky wall-to-wall carpet for your pad, but can’t raise the money for it, you need not despair. Peel-and-stick is a cheap carpet flooring option, which if carefully maintained and regularly cleaned can last for many years. Just like vinyl planks, the small carpet tiles are quick and easy to install.They come with an adhesive base, and all you need to do is to clean the surface, peel the stickers off and fix the tiles on the floor. To make a perfect fit, the tiles can be trimmed with a box cutter, wherever needed.

Concrete flooring

A basic and simple concrete floor is quite an inexpensive and durable option for any home. A concrete floor can be laid in different colors and can even be polished in many ways to impart a stylish look. However, concrete needs to be sealed every two years and requires regular cleaning and washing in order for it to retain its lustre and appearance.

Red oxide flooring

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Red oxide is another cheap and popular flooring option, especially in the warm Asian countries where the floors can heat up during the scorching summer months. This type of flooring comes in a variety of colors and is extremely durable and effective in the tropical regions, as the floor 

remains cool all the time. Red oxide floors are easy to install, and the finished surface gives a nice glossy sheen, which gets improved with regular scrubbing.

Flooring can eat up a big chunk of your budget, but we hope with these cheap flooring ideas you won’t have to sacrifice style for cost. If executed properly, these alternatives will surely give hardwood floors a run for their money.

Cheap And Durable Flooring Options

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