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The Latest Robotic Toys For Christmas

Christmas is going to be different this year, and so is Christmas shopping.  For most of us we will be looking online to do our shopping this year. This may mean sifting through website after website, trying to find that perfect gift.

The children see bright fun adverts for the latest toy, while we then think that is a great idea.  But where do you start to look.

Minimising screen time

If you are aware that they are having too much screen time, either by watching tv or dvds, playing computer games.  You may be looking at a toy that can keep their imaginations alive and have fun.  Robotic toys can do just that and I am looking at a few that are available to buy on Amazon.

SGILE RC Stunt Car Toy, Remote Control Car with 2 Sided 360 Rotation

SGILE RC Stunt Car Toy, Remote Control Car with 2 Sided 360 Rotation

The stunt car can

  • move in all directions
  • can do extremem 360-degree tumbling spins
  • flip on both sides using the controller

The body is built with soft but strong plastic which allows it to handle all kinds of collisions. Also has premium rubber tires which allows the car to be controlled easily, while the internal coil springs are elastic giving the car a smooth run. The car has a powerful motor system which can push the car to a maximum speed of 15 km/hr

SGILE Remote Control Car Toy for Boys, 2.4 GHz RC Drift Race Car

SGILE Remote Control Car Toy for Boys, 2.4 GHz RC Drift Race Car, 1:16 Scale Fast Speedy Crawler Truck

A speedy drift car that is powered by a strong motore, the rc car can drift and reach speeds up to 18 km/ph.  Giving a thrilling drift experience. Designd with an easy to learn remote controller making it a great beginners RC car.

SGILE RC Robot Toy, Programmable Intelligent Walk Sing Dance Robot 

With a gesture setting the remote control robot has a sensor receivr on the chest and can respond quickly after receving various gesture commands.  Will move forward, backward, left and right accordingly.  The robot has a one button programming function that con demonstrate a set of actions that your child enters though the remote control.  You can input up to 50 motion commands so that kids can play their own imagination in play.
The robot also has a patrol function which will let him move freely and can detect and avoid obstacles and avoid collisions. The robot has a pair of bright LED eyes and can not only walk, but can slide and sing and dance.

SGILE RC Dinosaur Robot Toy

SGILE RC Dinosaur Robot Toy,

Great for any dinosaur fan,  equipped with combat rigs, sucker bullers, ater receiving a battle signal, the RC dinosaur will roar and enter battle mode.  He looks around and eliminates sucker bullets to the target. His head and tail can swing and with LED lights in the yes and vivid sound effects the dinosaur shows power and prestige.

Touch the dinosaurs head and he will swing his head and tail in response, and there are multiple response was to add more fun to play.

SGILE Robot Dog 

SGILE Robot Dog

If you keep hearing can I have a puppy, this is the next best thing.  A very cute and smart robot dog.  He can walk everywhere, bark and wink at you and soon melt your heart.  He is obedient and follows your commands, and will do anything you ask him to do.  He can also sing and dance.  The only care he needs is to be kept charged.

Which is your favourite?

The Latest Robotic Toys For Christmas

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