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The Golden Oldies we Love to Watch

Now if you’re like me and love to spend your evenings sitting in your most comfortable pyjamas, with a plate of amazing food and a full-bodied red to hold you through the night as you delve into the world that is – TV and Film then you’ll be glad to hear that you’ve stumbled across the right blog post. For our party animals who have decided to call it quits for a night or are taking precautions due to coronavirus. Prepare to be taught on what you’ve been missing as we go through the list of TV and films most influential and iconic Grandmas to bless our screens.

Barbara Windsor

peggy mitchell

Kickstarting the lineup we’ve got the much loved and highly iconic matriarch in British TV  with her unforgettable one-liner, ‘get outta ma pub’ is the ever glamourous Peggy Mitchell. Gracing the BBC with her regal presence for over a decade, her leadership skills taught us all how to have a backbone and stand up for yourself and your loved ones through thick and thin. Peggy (played by Barbara Windsor) was a refreshing character to have on the screen as she was the embodiment of female power and confidence, not to mention great hair! 

Marie Barone

Marie Barone

Next up we’ve got the star of the much-adored Marie Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. Although Mrs Raymond isn’t the powerhouse landlady like Peggy, Marie embodies the petty, mischievous and downright nosey traits we all possess at some point in our lives. As Marie has an enviously large amount of spare time due to her retirement, it means she can be a lady of leisure whilst always being around to give advise (albeit unsolicited) to her family, reminding us to check in with our loved ones as often as possible. 

Joan Collins

joan collins

Last but definitely not least is possibly the most Hollywood and seasoned among the lineup the ever-fabulous Joan Collins DBE. Now our Dame has been gracing our screens for the past 50 years making her film debut in 1951. Spanning over the past 5 decades she hs embodied, regality, confidence and taught women worldwide that anything is possible with a positive mindset and a killer fur coat (faux of course).

It appears these nuggets of knowledge don’t just stop at the TV as a study by giffgaff found that four out of five Brits insisted wisdom does come with age, while a further 41 per cent said their grandparents had learned from their own mistakes so knew the pitfalls of life. We seem to forget we can often learn a lot from our Zimmer frame strolling kin as they tend to have the knowledge to get us young folk out of the often sticky situations that we seem to find ourselves in. If you’d like to hear more about what other interesting things giffgaff discovered in their research check out their Best Nan Advice generator. 

So let us know do you agree with the line up of glam-ma’s or have we missed a few? Let us know what you think below!


The Golden Oldies we Love to Watch

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