How Are You All Coping?

How Are You All Coping?

With us now being in lockdown, how are you all coping? Are you relaxed and going with the flow or are you climbing the walls and feel like you are living in a nightmare?

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New Ruling

We all sat watching our TV’s at 8.30 on Monday evening waiting for a statement by Boris.  Where he told us

  • To stay at home
  •  Only to go out for essentials ie food, health reasons or work which can not be done at home
  • Stay 6ft away from other people
  • Wash your hands as soon as you come in

Which all seems fairly easy to understand and follow for most.

How we are coping in the StressedMum household

Luckily we can and do work from home, so nothing has changed in that aspect.  Plus my Daughter is bedbound so schooling and being home is also not an issue.  So it is life as normal for us.

It is the little things, such as grocery shopping that is causing us the most worry.  I have been to the supermarket and shelves are empty, I try to book an online delivery and there is none anywhere.  I even sat in a queue at 646 on one supermarket got to number 1 and was put to the back of the queue at 21000.  I also have the added stress that my Daughter can only tolerate certain foods and meals and we are having difficulties in purchasing these.

Having a child who is ill, we are obviously self isolating and trying our best not to go out unless it is necessary.

I still do not understand

Why everyone is still panic buying, if we all carried on with our normal weekly shop, there would be enough food for everyone.  Plus where do they store it all.

Why after the statement on Monday night, do some still think they are exempt ie going shopping for hair colour (yes I have been told this).  Meeting up with friends, visiting friends and having gatherings.  Surely if we all did our bit we will be out of this isolating and be back to normal.

Are you surviving?

How are you coping, have you any tips or suggestions to help others facing lockdown with their family? What are you doing to help get through the days?


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  1. I do think it’s so selfish of some people to not be sticking to this. And I don’t get the panic buying either, like you’re still going to eat the same amount so why do you need to stock up? x

    1. I still can’t understand it either, just logged onto my online shop that I somehow managed to get and half the items are out of stock 🙁

  2. We are doing OK, my husband still has to go out to work as he is a key worker but we’ve settled into a routine at home with the children.

  3. Like you I am used to being at home a lot due to my chronic health issues but having the kids at home full-time is meaning I am struggling with fatigue as getting very little time to rest. Being coeliac I am also struggling to get gluten-free items such as bread and flour as people are buying them when they can’t get there usual wheat versions.

    1. I am struggling to get ‘normal’ everyday food so must be even harder for you having to have a special diet. I just can not understand the greed of some people. I can sympathise on the fatigue side x

    1. I am so sorry to hear that it must be so hard for him, all the uncertanty and not really being able to do anything at the moment x

  4. I’m very lucky that I live in large grounds, so we’re able to get outside and enjoy that, but yes it is very strange not going beyond the gate, but needs must. Mich x

  5. We are coping ok-ish. It’s still early in the social distancing so not been long enough to be bothered too much. But it hard enough to see this won’t be fun for long. Kids fight, I struggle to focus to work and going for a shopping became an hour and a bit long thing with half less things we usually get because of the q’s and rationing. But we can all hope this will settle soon and it will all go back to normal! I’m trying to stay focused positive and as productive as possible. Perhaps we all need a little bit of a nudge to realise and appreciate what we have. Stay safe

    1. I think everyone is struggling to some point in the social distancing and especially shopping. I was lucky to get a home delivery for last week but looks like I will be having to out and face the supermarket this week. It is hopefully making us more aware of things which is a good thing in a way

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