Teaching Your Child to Respect School Rules

Teaching Your Child to Respect School Rules

Whether your children go to boarding, private or state school, they should always respect the rules that are in place. You can help them gain that level of respect for this kind of authority at home, which is why I’ve teamed with a school that supports preparation for boarding courses to take you through some tips on teaching your children respect for the rules. 

No Grey Areas 

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You will, of course, start teaching manners to your children from a very early age. Within those lessons, they will also come to gain an appreciation for authority figures such as yourself. When it comes to explaining manners and why certain rules are in place, make sure you explain them properly so that they’re not confused by any vague details or grey areas.  


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To help clear up that grey area, you can always demonstrate to your children what good and bad behaviour looks like, which is something you can do when looking over the school rules together. Showing them what is and isn’t appropriate in a classroom before they actually get in one can help them feel more prepared about heading to school in general.

Have Respect

Your children are likely to copy your behaviour when it comes to a lot of things, particularly your attitude towards other adults. If you have respect for their teachers, your child will feel more inclined to always show that same level of respect. 

Practice Listening 

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Sometimes kids aren’t even aware they’ve broken a rule, they just weren’t perhaps listening to a teacher’s instruction. That is why practising listening skills with your child can help them when it comes to their behaviour and level of respect exhibited in the classroom. 

Show Pride Towards School 

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From both celebrating your child’s achievements at school and by showing enthusiasm towards the school and events, you can help distil a level of pride in your child. If they feel like the school that they attend is a great place to be, they will feel happier attending it and feel less inclined to show their school disrespect. 

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  1. Respect and good manners will get you far in life. I try and teach that to my children every day in ways.

    1. I totally agree and they are things that money can not buy. I had my three year old granddaughter stay for a couple of nights this week, she kept saying thank you and please, and sorry when she spilt something, if taught at home these things come naturally

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