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Is It Time For A Change

We never saw last year coming did we? This time last year, we were all busy carrying on normal life. Working, making plans for the coming year.  When bam Covid-19 hit us and stopped all that.

We ended up working from home, whilst home schooling the kids.  Cancelling holidays and trips to see friends and family.  Where the new phrase became ‘have you got your mask’, when heading out to the shops.

Is it time for a change?

January usually makes us think about the coming year, where we have blank canvas to make plans and memories.  Sadly, this year with the way things are going and the new strain.  It will be a very long time before we can confidently start to make these plans again.

A new way of living

Many of us our now working from home, while trying to home school our children or keep them quiet while having a zoom meeting for work. Although it is great to be home, our homes were not set out to be our working office. Our home is our family place, where kids do make a noise and play.

Have you found yourself looking around thinking, if this is the future we need to build an extension, build an office in the garden, or move to a more suitable property.

These all depend on affordability and space in your current garden. With mortgage rates at a near record low, you may find it a cheaper alternative to move to a new home where you can have a working area.  Which will be away from the hustle and bustle of the family home.

Working out the pros and cons

The first place to look is your finances, and which would not only be the best choice financially.  Also you need to take into account your families needs as well.  There are some great Mortgage Calculators that can help you see the pros and cons of moving or additional costs of home improvements.

Are you now working from home and finding it difficult?  What solutions have you come up with, or have you looked at moving to find a property with an area you can set up as your working environment?

Is It Time For A Change


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