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I Am More Than Just ‘Mum’

Going about your daily life, no matter what you do, everyone knows you as your child/rens Mum. Your life revolves around being a Mum, but we are more than just a Mum, so who are we?

So let’s see who we really our.


I am a Mum to my Daughter, and yes my daily life revolves really around her, especially at the moment as she is so ill, but you make sure that they eat their meals, you buy the things they like when you are shopping, they have something to drink, they wash and brush their teeth, nag them about homework and tidying their bedrooms, you go out shopping and end up in the children’s section looking at clothes for them. We nurse them when they are ill, comfort them when they are upset or hurt, teach them, play with them.  Be their role model.  So yes ultimately our role is that of Mum.


We all started as our parents child, and no matter how old we get, we are still their little girl, we still turn to them for advice, their support (I really could not have got through these past few months without my parents).


I know we are not all in a relationship, but those who are, we cook, clean and support our partners, we like to think we share the parenting, but like many Mums know, a Mums role is different to a Dads role, and like I am, our Daughter is Daddy’s little girl. We have to make time to be us to be a couple.  Whether that is pop out for a quick coffee or an evening out, it is very important to us to have our us time.


I am in that very lucky stage, where I can work from home. We run our own photography business in our studio at home.  I can either work in the studio or from the house.  I also have my blog, which I love, it is mine whatever goes into my blog is my own, I am the boss and I love it.  The blogging world is very busy and not just about writing a post hitting the publish button.


Yes, I do need to be me, as much as I love being a Mum and a Wife, I do need to be me from time to time.  To go out and be me, not have to worry about hearing the worlds I am thirsty, hungry, bored.  Just having a laugh with my friends, catch up on gossip.  It really does recharge those batteries.

So do I feel guilty for having us time as a couple – NO, do I feel guilty for being myself – NO. I have no reason to feel guilty, no matter how much you love your child, everyone needs a break, even the child and it gives you that bit of freedom to remember who you are.

So I will continue to be ME, and enjoy it, and myself and my Husband will continue to have our little ‘us’ time and not feel guilty.

Do you agree? Are you more than just ‘Mum’

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