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How to Raise a Science Lover

Of course as parents every single one of us want the best for our little ones. There will come a time when we have to let our children make their own decisions with regards to the subjects they study and the career routes they take. However, it doesn’t hurt to help them find an interest in science from a young age.


Science can help children’s knowledge

Science can help to build a child’s knowledge, develop their curiosity, and give them an all-round better understanding of the world around them. It can also help children to develop important life-skills, such as problem-solving, communication and research. So how can we help to get them interested in this broad subject? Here’s some advice on how to raise a science lover from a Private Nursery in Surrey.

Try to make science something that is talked about in the home. Children are naturally inquisitive so it is important to encourage questions from your child and explore their own ideas and interests. Dinner time is a fantastic opportunity to discuss science–related topics, such as current severe weather conditions or a medical breakthrough that has been in the news. Try asking children questions like… “What would happen if …?” The more you talk about science in a casual way, the more normal it will feel for your children.

Try and take part in as many science related activities as possible with your youngsters, especially if they are primary school aged. This could be simple and safe experiments or investigations, or something as simple as watching a science based film. Water play is great way to explore science with younger children. You can experiment with different materials and see which ones sink and which ones float. You can also experiment with different materials to see what happens when they are added to water.

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