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How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

Encouraging your child to be inquisitive will not only help them to learn, but it will also help them to develop a love of learning

Some children are naturally curious and some just need a helping hand. There are many things that parents can do to spark a child’s imagination and get them asking more questions. Here are some great ideas from an Independent College in Bath on how to raise an inquisitive child…

Encourage your child to ask more questions by demonstrating your own curious nature.

For example, if your child is learning about a particular topic at school, ask them to tell you what they have learnt. See if they can answer your questions about the topic. If they can’t, then this is a great opportunity to research them together. The trick is to get your child excited about learning and telling others what they have discovered. Reassure your child that there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, particularly at school if they don’t understand. Questions help you to learn more.

Another great way to promote inquisitiveness is to try new things.

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Start by making some simple changes to your usual routine. These changes will help to stimulate your child’s curiosity and encourage them to try new experiences. Don’t go too far out of their comfort zones; just a minor change like a new recipe for dinner or visiting a different park is all it takes.

Finally, try to help your child to find the answers they are looking for.

When your child comes to you with questions, always try your best to answer them, even if you’re busy or you don’t know the answer. If you turn them away they may feel hesitant to ask you more questions in the future. If you don’t know the answer to their question you could suggest researching it together.

Furthermore, if your child asks you a delicate question, it is best to answer them honestly rather than making something up. Fabricating an answer can cause more confusion and more importantly, if your child senses that you are not telling the truth, it could damage their trust in you.

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