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How to Raise a Resilient Child

It is natural to want to protect your child from the dangers and worries of the adult world. But you also want them to be able to help them be prepared to take on the sometimes harsh realities of growing up. That’s why I’ve teamed with a private nursery in Herefordshire, to give you some pointers on how to raise a resilient child. 

Get In Touch With Your Emotions

This is great advice for both children and adults. You should encourage an environment at home that allows your children to feel like they can talk about their feelings. Teach your kids to help recognise their feelings, and express it when they are feeling emotions that they find difficult to identify. If you talk about your emotions, it helps your kids recognise their own, and being able to identify and manage their emotions is a crucial step when it comes to a child building some resilience. 

Go Out & Exercise 

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Exercising is a great way of releasing endorphins into your body. Those endorphins are helpful when it comes to dealing with depression and anxiety. Exercise can aid both your child’s overall health, both physical and mental well being. Regular exercise has also been shown to help with the body deal with recovery from stress, so inspiring your children to get active is something that will not only help them be more resilient, but improve their general way of life. 

Give Them Responsibility

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Yes, we want to always help our children, but being their constant problem solver is not going to do them any favours. Your children need to develop their own sense of deduction and problem solving skills to help them develop a sense of independence. Building too much of a reliance on you can create a cloud of anxiety when you’re not around. Give them their own responsibilities (age appropriate of course), whether that’s them taking the bins out, or tidying away their own toys. Giving them that sense of responsibility will begin to give them confidence that they can do a lot of things for themselves. 

How to Raise a Resilient Child


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    26th March 2021 at 7:06 am

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