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Finding the Best One-on-One English Tutors

When is the last time you felt unsure about where a comma was supposed to go or how to approach clauses? It’s no secret that English grammar can be incredibly difficult to understand, and it can get really confusing when you’re trying to look up the latest version of these linguistic rules. Sometimes you might find that everyone has got their own version or that the rules keep changing. And you don’t want to ask someone for help because English is such an integral part of our lives we assume we’re supposed to know how to use it. But as you know, it’s not always that simple. 

Writing is crucial for communication, which is why it’s such an important part of our school system. We study it every year from kindergarten to senior year in high school because it’s essential for sharing ideas with one another in universities and in the workplace. That’s why it’s important for young adults to develop a strong background in writing as soon as possible. 

If teenagers aren’t able to master English they could receive negative feedback in school as they fail to successfully communicate their ideas with friends and family. Or even failing to write a passable college admissions essay. Not knowing how to write well and use English properly could cost them when it comes to maintaining relationships or pursuing important opportunities including higher education and employment.

Where can you go for reliable assistance to master English and grammar? 

We recommend finding an online and in-home English and writing tutoring program that helps struggling students master English so they can succeed in the future. A hallmark of a high-quality tutoring companies is their focus on individual needs. Also, we suggest finding tutors that see writing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills as a solid foundation to apply to a variety of situations. If you’re a tutor, looking for a tutor, or want to tutor at home, here are the building blocks for success…

Crafting Arguments 

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One of the most common areas of English to master is the art of argumentation. Constructing arguments is one of the most basic skills that high schools focus on as a core part of their curriculum because it’s so prevalent in our day-to-day functionating, higher education, and certainly in the professional world. In fact, professionals like lawyers, folks in business, and members of the scientific community all rely on well-constructed and robust argumentation to make change and communicate their ideas effectively. But it takes practice and expertise to develop this craft. Understanding thesis statements, how to use evidence, and employ reasoning are all important aspects to master, and that’s on top of copyediting, rhetoric, and syntax. 

This is where working with English tutors can make a difference.

Tutors are there for your child every step of the way. They help kids adequately respond to prompts, brainstorm, outline, and eventually read through your child’s work to make sure they’re able to maintain a solid argument throughout their projects. And this is all possible through one-on-one counseling. When students are struggling in a large class setting, it can be difficult to find time to meet with teachers. But tutoring gives kids a chance to ask questions and spend time working on their individual needs with a professional. That way, you can be sure that your student has everything they need to advance and even excel among their peers! 

Reading Comprehension

Although reading comprehension might sound like a basic skill, it can be tricky for students to effectively make their way through a text while applying critical analysis in a time crunch. This is another area where meeting with an English Tutor can help! Tutors can help your child budget their time and plan for future assignments, learn how to locate and summarize valuable information, and ask important questions of a text that will make their analysis stand out among their peers! 

Not only is reading important in the academic world and prepping for college, but reading is an incredibly important skill for your child to develop for their own personal growth. Reading and asking critical questions is crucial to how we interpret our surroundings. Whether it’s a newspaper article, a novel, a stock report or a legal document, reading plays a pivotal role in all of our major life decisions. By guiding kids through the rigorous process of reading efficiently, critically, and comprehensively, tutors help students understand the world around us. 

Going Beyond Foundations

The reason why students are expected to study English from first grade all the way through college is that mastering language arts is a complex process. It takes patience, practice, and enthusiasm. We know studying English can be frustrating, but it can also open up a whole new world of understanding for your teen. 

Despite the trial-and-error process that goes hand in hand with becoming a good writer, our experience shows that if focusing your teen’s assignments on their interests leads them to view writing challenges as opportunities. The emphasis on forward thinking—framing writing as a chance to better understand and better be understood—is what helps students assess, rework, and remain dedicated to their writing.  

A one-on-one approach to teaching English can help take your students from passable writers to exceptional authors. Because one-on-one tutors can take the time to meet with your child on a regular basis and track their progress through every draft of their work, they can develop a close relationship to track all their communication skills. This will help your teen develop a palette for direct and active verbiage, master the art of weaving critical thinking into their conclusions, and focus their writing to be legible and effective. All of this is achievable with a tutor who believes in your child’s growth and will take the time to help them excel beyond the foundations of reading and writing English.

Finding the Best One-on-One English Tutors

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