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Discussing Internet Safety with Your Child

As a parent, you’re probably wondering how you can possibly monitor your child’s Internet usage, especially since they can access it from so many different devices and different locations. While parental controls and content management apps are great, you will also have to rely somewhat on decent education and open communication amongst your family to keep your youngster out of trouble on the World Wide Web. Here are some tips from a pre-prep school in London.

Educate Yourself First

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Start by educating yourself before you try and talk to your child about Internet safety. There’s no point trying to lecture them on a topic that they probably know more about than you. There are lots of online resources to help that cover topics from cyberbullying to privacy. Once you’re clued up, it would be worth having regular conversations with your child; one long chat will not suffice. You need to check in with them on a frequent basis to make sure everything is ok and subtly reinforce things they should and shouldn’t be doing online.


Establish some precise family rules that you can all follow when it comes to screen time. For instance, your child needs to know which websites and apps are off limits and which ones they’re allowed to use. They should also be aware of how long they’re allowed to use their phones and other devices for before turning them off. Other rules include things like never respond to threatening messages and never share personal information online.

What To Tell Your Children

How much you disclose to your child about the dangers of the Internet depends on their age and maturity. After all, you don’t want to frighten your child but it’s very important that they know to be cautious when using modern technology. If you require further advice on how to handle Internet safety with your child, their teachers at school will be able help.

Discussing Internet Safety with Your Child

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