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Best Bicycles for Tall People

The best bicycle ride comes from a bike that’s suited for your specific body type. This means that the length, height and other dimensions are all geared to give you the most comfortable, natural range of motion. Explore standard and electric bikes for tall riders online to see how you can refresh your ride and prepare for an unforgettable cruise.

Review Dimensions

Simply searching for bicycles designed for tall people isn’t enough. Not all tall people have the same body shape, arm length and other dimensions, so there isn’t a universal bicycle style for tall people. Instead, start to search for a bicycle that fits your total body type. Start by taking your arm length and inseam measurements. These are usually more important than your overall height. It’s also helpful to know your weight as you shop. Here are some bicycle dimensions that need to fit your body style:

  • Crank length
  • Frame size
  • Wheel size

If you feel your legs and knees bending uncomfortably during your ride, then it’s time for a longer crank length. The crank length is an essential feature that should be matched to your leg length, or inseam. Shop at a store that either offers the crank length or provides a recommended inseam range for particular bicycle models.

Your arms should also be a comfortable distance from your body, so bikes for tall also have larger frames. A larger frame gives you more distance between the seat and the handlebars and helps the crank length seem more proportional for a comfortable riding experience.

Of course, a larger frame won’t look or feel right with the same size of wheels. Wheels should size up with your frame. There are a range of wheel sizes, but a reputable manufacturer will keep the wheels and frame at a healthy ratio.

Consider Riding Style

Not all tall riders are looking for a city commuter or a rugged mountain bike. Just like bicycles for any body type, your tall-rider bike should match your riding style. Some popular electric bikes for sale offer comfortable cruising and fast speeds for city riding. 

Compare electric and standard bicycles to see how you can personalize your ride to your body type and your riding style.

A beach cruiser is a popular bicycle that fits riders who like a variety of riding experiences. A comfortable frame and body positioning allow for slow rides along a pier or neighborhood street. A hybrid design gives you the electric boost you need to make it to work on time without working up too much of a sweat. Switch off electric assistance to pick up your activity level and enjoy a great workout on the way home from work.

Shop for Your New Bike Online

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Your new bicycle is waiting for you at a popular online store. Shop today for an electric beach cruiser, city commuter or other bicycle designed for tall riders. Enjoy great deals and search for must-have accessories to stay comfortable on two wheels. Don’t settle for a bicycle designed for other riders but choose one that fits your unique sense of adventure.

Best Bicycles for Tall People

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