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6 Unique Hobbies For Children

As the summer holidays creep up your child will be pining for some new activities to try out, so why not give them a chance to take up a new and unique hobby? Here are 6 unique hobbies your child could try out this week – from this nursery in Potters Bar.

1. Art classes

person holding blue and red paper

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Does your child have a knack for art? Give them lessons as a gift and see what they make of them! There are a huge range of different kinds of arts like painting, sketching, watercolour art, pastels and more for children to try out.

2. Swimming

A lot of children get to experience swimming when they’re younger and can go on to enjoy it as a serious hobby. It’s a great way of testing your child’s fitness, as well as their coordination and balance skills in the water.

3. Knitting 

Something that’s both therapeutic and achievable is knitting or crocheting. It’s very easy to learn and can give your child the chance to make some fun and loving creations for their friends and family.

4. Coin collecting

round silver-colored coin collection close-up photography

Photo by on Unsplash

It’s fun, interesting and a subtle history lesson for your kids. Coin collecting has grown in popularity across all ages so you’ll always find a good community of people to join with to share your collection.

5. Performing arts

Children have a great talent in drama and the world of performing arts. It could be theatre productions or more serious roles, but your child can get plenty of practice if they enjoy this area of their studies or have a natural talent.

6. Photography

Any camera will do for a child! Give them a disposable camera and see what they take with it; part of the fun will be getting to develop the photos later and look at your child’s talent.

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