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5 Easy Ways for Busy Working Mums to Enjoy their Commute

Motherhood is a busy time, and that is as a full-time parent. Add in a whole career, and it can feel like you never get a moment to yourself. The reality is, however, that you actually have many little moments available to you that can help you calm down, relax, and reset. One of the best examples of this is during your commute. Working on improving the health and wellness that your commute offers can seriously change the game and improve your entire day, and you can get started with these five easy tips:

Start to Enrich Your Mind on Your Commute

Rather than just listen to music, try out podcasts or audiobooks. There are a lot of benefits to doing this. For one, it gives your mind something new and interesting to latch on to. Even if the commute itself is rather uninspired. You can always start to really look forward to your commutes this way, especially if you get to an interesting portion of your audiobook or found a particularly great podcast. Little things like this can do wonders for your mental health, your energy levels, and even your cognitive abilities.

Break it Up with Different Means of Transportation

If you work in a big city like London, for example, chances are after that train ride in you’ll need to tube or bus it the rest of the way, but a better alternative is to actually hit the ground. If your work has a shower, you could run, or bike, or alternatively use an electric scooter. Electric scooters, in particular, are great ways to cut down time, and the Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter can fold up and be taken on the tube (a place where many bikes, even fold- up bikes, are not permitted). This way, you can enjoy the fresh air, take the scenic route, and still get to work on time. It’s a simple solution to clear your head and enjoy exploring.

Enjoy Healthy Snacks and Beverages

It’s not always feasible to eat on the go, but having some healthy options can keep your mind fuelled and ready, even if you are waiting on a train to take you home. Things like homemade protein bars or a takeaway freshly made juice can really help improve your experience on the commute.

Practice Meditation

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Meditation can really transform your experience, but should really only be done on public transport as it can be dangerous to zone out in other situations. Meditating on your commute can help center yourself, can help you manage stress, and can even improve your health.

Improve Your Luggage

The last thing that anyone wants is to feel cluttered with items, regardless of whether you bike, take public transport, or drive. If you drive, having a set of items in your car, from an extra change of clothes to spare water bottles, can help immensely. For public transportation or scootering. However, you will want to invest in a smart solution that will make it easy to carry everything you need with as little space wasted as possible.

5 Easy Ways for Busy Working Mums to Enjoy their Commute

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