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Supporting Your Child Through The Exam Period

Exam period is often the most stressful time for children in school. The exams determine their future and how they progress into higher education and often in their future career. So giving them the best tools in their younger years will prepare them to do their best in their exams. 

This guide from this sixth form in Leicestershire provides you with the best ways to support your child through their exams.

Knowing the signs of stress

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The first step towards supporting your child is by looking for the signs of stress and worry. They may feel reserved, feel more tense than usual, and you may notice changes in their eating habits and lifestyle. 

This is the opportunity for you to talk to your child about how they’re feeling about the upcoming exam period. Ask them if they’re struggling in any particular areas or where you can offer help, but be gentle and respectful.

Encourage a schedule

Sit down with your child and plan out with them when they will be revising for their exams and when they’ll be taking their breaks. Students can revise between 3 – 5 hours depending on when they want to study and for how long, but ensure they take enough breaks in between and to ensure they don’t overdo it.

If your child only manages a small amount of revision one night because of stress, feeling unwell or for another reason, try not to berate them for it. Those opportunities can be for giving your child a chance to reset and come back to it the next day.

Reassure your child

Let them know that they are doing their best and that you’ll continue to be proud of them regardless of how they perform. Another fear children can have is letting people down, especially their parents. There are plenty of ways your child will succeed with the right support and direction that starts at home.

Supporting Your Child Through The Exam Period

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