Storage Solutions With Shurgard

Storage Solutions With Shurgard

We all have items stored in our home, garage or even garden shed that we no longer use.  Although they are no longer used. If like me you can not dispose of them, I have a great storage solution with Shurgard.

Who are Shurgard


Shurgard – Greenford

Shurgard Self Storage, provide stress-free self storage, for household and business items.  Offering flexible contracts and great customer service.

Shurgard are the largest self-storage operator in Europe with more than 200 locations.  Offering a variety of unit sizes that can suit any budget.

Who uses storage units?

You can use self-storage units for your own personal reasons

  • moving home
  • storage while renovating your home
  • decluttering
  • if you are travelling abroad

You can use self-storage units for business reasons

  • somewhere to store your archives and files
  • provide a safe and accessible place to keep your tools and equipment
  • to store stock
  • store furniture whilst moving office or having a refurbishment


How Do I rent the correct size unit?

If you are unsure of what size unit you need to rent, they have made this easy.  They have a size help calculator where you can select all, or as many as you feel you need and get a price for how much this would cost.

  • 10 sq ft – *£8.31 per week
  • 15 sq ft – *£10.62 per week
  • 20 sq ft – *£14.08 per week
  • 30 sq ft – *£17.54 per week

* prices shown include an online discount

Current promotion

  • Pay only £1 or 50% for your first month’s rent.
  • Valid for new customers only, not available on transfers.
  • Limit one offer per household.
  • Valid on selected units only.
  • No minimum stay required, except for at Shurgard Neasden, South Croydon, Greenford, City Airport and Epsom where the offer of £1 and 50% first month is subjected to a minimum rental period of 2 months on selected units.


Price and promotions are guaranteed for 30 days from reservation (including the reservation date).

All offers exclude the cost of a lock, insurance and administration fee.

Term and conditions of your contract still apply.

How Do I Store Items?


Shurgard offer everything you need to make storing your items easy.  From boxes of various sizes, they even tell you what they are best used for.  Which means you only use the boxes you need.

You can also get tape and a tape gun to secure your boxes securely, along with blankets to help keep those valuable items safe and dust sheets.

Are my items safe in my unit?

All units are safe and you get your own unique lock and key, meaning that only you have access to your unit.  There is always members of staff on site.  There is 24 hour camera monitoring, and an access key area where you put in a pin.  Only those with units in the same area have the pin.

Where are they based?

As well as Shurgard Self Storage Greenford, they also have 30 other branches throughout London and Thames Valley.  All of which are easily accessible by public transport. You can find a full list of where their branches are on their website.

They are open every day (365 days) between the hours of 6am – 11pm.  Making it easier for anyone to visit when they wish.

Have you used storage units before?

Storage Solutions With Shurgard







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Comments (24)

  • Kim Carberry 4 months ago Reply

    I always thought storage like this cost a lot more. I could have done with this when we moved house. x

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    It is not as expensive as you think it is

  • Anne Sweet 4 months ago Reply

    I’d like a storage unit for my kids until they grow up!! Only joking, I love them really. I do know a few people who have had to store things like this. Particularly when they’ve gone to stay in another country for a while. I’ve never had the need to use one myself though, but you never know what the future will bring.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    I used to know the feeling when mine were younger. These storage units are great for when you need somewhere secure to store your items

  • Mei 4 months ago Reply

    Thought it would cost more than this, I’d definitely recommend this to my cousin who never seems to dispose of unused things

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    I think it used to be a lot more, but prices are a lot more reasonable these days

  • Marjie Mare 4 months ago Reply

    Your post took me back to the good years when my kids were babies, now they are older. Although last year, I use storage units for different reasons.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    It is lovely looking back to when they were little, it is funny how our uses change over the years

  • I wish there are more storage options here in the Philippines but there arent much so rates are quite high. I like the idea of storage spaces because even if you don’t have much space in your house, you can keep your CLUTTER. Hehe.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    That’s a shame, I hate clutter but do seem to get more and more and love that there are places like this that I can store unused items

  • MELANIE EDJOURIAN 4 months ago Reply

    I’ve never used a storage unit myself. My friend thought they were great when she had to store items after moving. It’s great that you can keep items somewhere safe.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    They are such a great idea when you need to store items and affordable as well

  • Melanie williams 4 months ago Reply

    This seems like a very cheap and affordably way to create good storage. Makes things much more organised and clutter free.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    It is very reasonable in price and makes the problem of storage and clutter a lot easier

  • TeamRyce 4 months ago Reply

    I’ve been seeing storage units on auctions on televisions/cable, is that the same as that? cause if it is like that, that is in a reasonable price, I don’t think owners will abandon it.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    I know the programs you are talking about and yes I think it is the same sort of thing

  • Kristjna 4 months ago Reply

    I ve always been interested in storage but always thought it was too expensive. Great tonsee it is actually affordable

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    I think they used to be a lot more expensive and a lot of people did not realise how affordable they now are

  • jojo vito 4 months ago Reply

    been traveling a lot and I was able to acquire so many pieces where I couldn’t find space anymore for my storage. This is a great idea to help me with my storage problem

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Glad to have helped with your storage solutions

  • Frank 4 months ago Reply

    Storage units can definitely be a pretty good, and cost effective way, to store extra items. We did it once when we had to move house into a small apartment. It was temporary so instead of having to get rid of or sell all our household stuff, we kept it in storage until we could move into a house again.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Storage units are great for times like this

  • Khushboo 4 months ago Reply

    Thats a good storage option. I need one for me as well. Have loads of things to store which I don’t use much

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    They are great for storing items you dont use at the moment and affordable too

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