Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Quilted Topper

Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Quilted Topper

There really is nothing nicer than getting into bed, with fresh clean sheets. It is one of those simple pleasures in life that make me happy.

Although our bed is comfortable I have been wanting to get a mattress topper for a while now.  Like everything you keep putting it off for no reason.  As you can imagine I was very happy last week when I was asked if I would like to review a Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Quilted Topper.

About The Silentnight Memory Foam Quilted Topper

The Breatheasy Memory Foam Quilted Topper, as been designed to help enhance your current mattress.  Offering extra comfort, and support as you sleep, with breathability. The topper has air-mesh side walls which help to keep you cool.  For me this is something I need due to being of a certain age.  Just by carrying the topper you could feel it was good quality.

The Topper features

  • Elasticated corner straps that fit a mattress depth of up to 30cm
  • The top of the Topper is 100% polyester microfibre, quilted filling
  • 100% polyester hollowfibrere inner foam filling
  • 100% visco elastic memory foam
  • Can be washed at 40C
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee.

Our opinion on the Topper

As I have already said I have been looking at buying one for a while now.  So it is something we wanted.  I could not wait to change our bed that night.  Thinking it might not be as easy as I thought putting the topper on the bed, I had asked my husband to help.  Unfortunately, I was too impatient so went ahead and did it without him.  It was so easy to put in place, and the elasticated strips help keep it in place.

That night we got into bed and I think we both had the best nights sleep we have had in ages.  There is nothing wrong with our mattress and it is really comfortable, but this gave that little bit more.  Neither of us wanted to get up the next morning.

I am definitely, going to buy one for my Daughters bed, as her mattress is not quite as comfortable as ours, and she will benefit from it due to her illness.

Today the mattress topper is being featured on QVC the shopping channel, at a special price., you can find out more here.  If you are looking at buying one today is the day to do it.  You will honestly not be disappointed.

Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Quilted Topper



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  1. Oh my, that looks so nice! I love memory foam and I am a huge fan of a comfy bed. I think myself and my daughters would love this!

  2. I agree that mattress toppers provide extra comfort, especially for a hard mattress! I like that this one has memory foam!

  3. i only experience comfy beds at the hotel. wish i could have it in my own house in the future soon. would love to have this!

  4. My mattress is getting old and it is very firm. I think this would be a great way to make it more comfortable. I love that the topper is made to be breathable.

  5. Reading this review just came in time. I am looking around for a good mattress topper and this one you featured is just the one I need. Thank you for your honest review. I will show this to my husband. I am sure he won’t disagree with the purchase.

  6. It was so convenient that I read this post because I am preparing to move and apart of the move is that I’m getting a new bed. I never tried a topper like this one. I have to do so more research, but I really would love to try this one. Great post!

  7. A good quilt is just as important as a good mattress, and this looks like an enhancer. I like to be comfortable when I sleep and to feel snuggled up, especially during winter.

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