Is My Child Ready For Nursery?

Is My Child Ready For Nursery?

A big question for parents is whether their child is prepared for the first stages of learning, and there are a number of ways to find out what time is best for your child. This day nursery in Richmond explains the telltale signs your child is ready for nursery.

Is your child potty trained?

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One of the biggest indicators that your child is ready for nursery is whether they’re potty trained or not. It shows that your child is at the appropriate age to be able to look after themselves – you won’t be there to see all that they do!

If your child is late to learning how to use the potty, there’s not need to panic. You can speak to your nursery, family or healthcare professional for advice.

Their verbal skills

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It will of course vary from child to child, but you can usually determine when they’re ready for nursery by their verbal ability. Some children can speak for long sentences at a time, whereas others can only string a handful of words together. 

Again, this doesn’t mean that your child is falling behind others their age – nursery is a great way for them to enhance their speaking skills. If you are concerned, you should always speak to your GP about any issues you believe your child has.

How sociable is your child?

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Have they had practice socialising with other children, or are they showing themselves as shy and often reserved? Going to nursery can give them the confidence they need to express themselves and speak to other toddlers in the group.

They will also learn about how to behave well within the class – at a young age there’s often the possibility of disagreements and handling their temper that can be managed by going to nursery.

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    1. It is my grandaughter started this year and loves it, she had to Facetime me the other day to show me what she had made

  1. My son probably wasn’t quite ready, it took so long to potty train him and he used to come out soaking wet everyday, they werent a very good nursery there to be honest but my daughter was definitely ready to go and her nursery was fantastic. I think they all need to go to nursery before school to learn to socialise and share.

    1. I think nursery is great for kids it gets them ready for school and socialising and meeting friends. My daughter loved it and my two eldest grandchildren are now at nursery and both have taken to it really well, my grandaughter had to FaceTime me the other day to show me what she had made at school

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