Engravers Guild Review and Giveaway

Engravers Guild Review and Giveaway

Something that both myself and my husband love is a watch.  They can really make a statement and add to an outfit. Whether it is just day to day wearing, or for a night out.

You will know by now, how much I do love a watch from previous posts.  When Engravers Guild contacted me to work with them, to review a one of their watches I could not refuse.

Who Are Engravers Guild

Engravers Guild believe that gifting should be personal.  Where you can gift something truly unique that they will cherish forever.  A family company going back over 100 years, that traces their heritage back to 1887 in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. Offering a range of gifts for both him or her including

  • Watches
  • Pens
  • Cufflinks
  • Hip Flasks
  • Wallets
  • Jewellery
  • And even a Marmite Jar

Choosing a gift is both personal and something to cherish and keep by the receiver.

Oxford Ladies Watch

I was gifted the Oxford Ladies Watch with Stone Leather Strap. A beautiful rose gold watch with stone leather strap, which features

  • A perfectly balanced 33mm case with a precision Japanese Miyota movement
  • Protected by a ahardened mineral glass that provides water resistance to 3 atmospheres
  • Beautifully packaged in a grey leather cover
  • Personalised engraving
Packaged box
Opened box
Inside box on opening
watch case
Leather cover
Oxford Ladies Watch
Engraved with Happy Christmas 2020 xxx Hard to capture but looks great

If you love the idea of a personalised watch, they have a large selection of engraved Ladies Watches on their site to suite anyones personal taste.

My Opinion

As I already said I do love watches, well any jewellery.  I loved everything about this watch from the packaging to the watch itself.  I have been wearing it daily since I have received it.  The strap is comfortable and the watch sits great and keeps great time.  Also easy to read the time, unlike some watches I have had in the past.

The Giveaway

Engravers Guild are giving one of my lucky readers the chance to win this watch.  Whether you have choose to have it for a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special.  See below on how to enter, please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions and complete ALL mandatory sections

Win An Oxford Ladies Watch

Good luck

Do not forget to enter my other great giveaways

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Engravers Guild Review and Giveaway

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  1. I had a beautiful watercolour personalised for my birthday from my little one (he was a few months old so was my other half of course!)

  2. I always try and get my brother something personalised so he can’t return / regift. So far he has a plaque with my handprint on, a pillow with my face on it, a wine glass with his nickname on it (he doesn’t drink wine).

  3. A pencil with my name on. Unfortunately though it started off as Jodie, where I sharpened it so much it just said die! Which wasn’t very inspirational.

    1. We didn’t have much money and I remember receiving a dolls house and being so greatful because I didn’t think I was going to get one which I still have now and I’m 39

  4. I’ve got a charm bracelet and people give me charms to add to it which makes it more and more special and personal over time.

  5. I have a pocket watch and tankard from my 40th Birthday (3 years ago today, funnily enough!) I’d love this for my wife!

  6. ive never recieved a personlized gift but i would love a locket with a small picture of my kids..and an inscription on the back.

  7. I received a ring with dinosaurs on the band with a personalised quack on the inside from an ex. It was an inside joke 😂

  8. Years ago, when I was due go head off to University, my mother gave me a personalised Parker pen (and refill cartridges) for all the note-taking I’d be doing in lectures. A lovely, thoughtful gift.

  9. My engagement ring with our names inside. We’d been married for ten years, but couldn’t afford one at the time. Worth waiting for.

  10. A collage of my children and grandchildren encased in perspex saying…For my Best Friend, my Mooma. So that you never stop smiling. It came from my daughter for Mothers Day.

  11. My late mother-in-law loved giving personalised gifts, not all of them useful or even nice! But the last gift she gave me for Christmas before she passed was a coaster which I use every day & remember her.

  12. my grandmother made me a personalised blanket when I was 1 years old – 42 years later i still have it 😀

  13. A letter c that actually had all photos on of me and my best friend my dog and my niece and nephew. I love it

  14. I tried to think of something that I may have gotten as a present but ive actually never had anything personalised or engraved! Ill need to change that

  15. When I was 5 my aunt bought me a Saint Christopher. It was gold or silver but she had my name engraved on the back. I was so proud of it and still have it now 52 years later. I keep it in a box as it turns my skin black but it is very precious to me..

  16. Just after I developed epilepsy, my husband bought me an SOS necklace engraved with my name and with space inside for me to add details of my net of kin, etc.

  17. I used to work 1 on 1 with a special needs child as a Teaching Assistant. The child once bought me a personliased pen that said my name on one side and best teaching assistant on the other side, it was wonderful

  18. I’ve never received a personalised gift. However I give my Mum and Dad a personalised calendar every year and they love it.

  19. a necklace from my daughter with an engraved quote, she gave it to me on her wedding day and it’s so special to me

  20. I got a personalised Whinnie the Pooh badge when I was a kid. At this point, personalised items were not mainstream so it was only what names you found in a store that were available and my name was never there. My mum and Dad managed to find one when we were on holiday and got it for me. I was thrilled and still have it to this day.

  21. I dont think I’ve had many personalised presents but did get a lovely personalised bottle of prosecco last Christmas

  22. My very first Timex watch had my initial engraved on the back and it was so special. I had a red strap and I loved that watch.

  23. I love all the hand made cards and picture
    S my grandchildren make
    They made me a beautiful frame with a picture of them all together
    It takes pride of place. That has to be a top favourite

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