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It seeems to to be the current trend for girls this year is dip dying their hair. My daughter, like many others is desperate for this in her hair as well. I just can not do it, it is not that I am one of those mums who refuses as I do like it. And the colours are great.

Let me explain my reasons why

A couple of years ago, we went along with another friend to the hairdressers. Us mums had our hair done and we got talked into letting the girls have coloured streaks put in their hair.  I admit I was wary, as she was young, would it damage her hair, would it wash out. As it was the start of the holidays I said yes, what harm would it do. It was a wash out after so many washes. So would be out in plenty of time before going back to school.

How wrong was I, her hair looked lovely, plus it was all the trend with her friends.  She is blonde and had pink streaks put in, in a few places. It did fade slightly after a few washes.  But it seemed to then stay put and no matter how many washes. Or what different shampoos I tried, it would not wash out. As school approached, I was beginning to panic. But there was nothing I could do, I could not just shave my daughters head.

First Day Back At School

Fast forward, to the first day of the new school year. I was that parent at the school apologising to the the Head Teacher, about my daughters pink hair.  Luckily, as it was primary school, they were fine.  Obviously it had faded quite a bit, and I tried to hide it best I could by hiding it when putting her hair up, you still could not miss it.  It finally disappeared just before Christmas. I am never letting her follow a trend again.

Fast forward to today, I would love to dip dye my daughters hair, and know it would look lovely, and she is desperate for it to be done.  Although she has long hair, so technically I could cut out the are we had coloured, she like her long hair and would go into melt down if she had to have more than an inch off.  And how can I send her into a brand new secondary school on her first day with a note saying sorry her hair is coloured.  It would not be a very good start to her new school.

Why I Said No

So for that reason, I have to say no. I did have photos of her hair to prove my point, but can not seem to find them at the moment.

So for that reason, I am being a mean mum and not following the trend, and luckily she understands.

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