Boostology – The Gifts That Do Good Review

Boostology - The Gifts That Do Good Review

I love giving gifts and treating myself on occssion, especially when they have meaning.  Which is why I have recently been working with Boostology, and reviewing one of their products.

About Boostology

Boostology are an independent retailer with over 20 years experience, who are  based in London.  Offering unique, innovative gifts, with each product designed to give both yourself and the planet a boost. Their range includes organic, vegan and plastic free products.

They have banned all products made entirely from plastic. All orders are sent in eco friendly parcels that contain no plastic.  Plus for each order that they receive, they plant a tree.

Volcanic potpourri – eco-friendly essential oil diffuser – matt black. SCENTED.

Volcanic Potpourri In Matt Black

I chose to review the Volcanic potpourri, which you can either choose unscented or the scented version. I do have a weakness for items that fragrance rooms. The volcanic potpourri comes in a black jar that is filled with beautiful black volcanic rocks and Obsidian stones.

How to use

  • Add 6-10 drops of essential oil to the natural Lava & Obsidian stones
  • The porous Lava soaks up the oil, and slowly releases the lovely aroma into your room
  • Elegant, long lasting and reusable, no part of it gets thrown away
  • Essential oils can help you to relax, or invigorate when you need a lift
  • Crystal healers use Lava & Obsidian stones to provide themselves with strength & positivity
  • Presented in a gorgeous matt black vessel with a solid red Agate stone lid, 10ml essential oil included

You can choose from the following scents (I chose BLOOM and it smells amazing)

  • BLOOM – Rose, Geranium and Pachouli
  • GLOW – Lemongrass
  • REVIVE – Peppermint and Eucalyptus
  • SUNSHINE – Bergamot and Grapefruit
  • UNWIND – Lavender and Bergamot
  • WINTER – Orange, Cinnamon, Clove and Pine

Benefits of Natural materials

Lava & Obsidian rocks inside your potpourri

Crystal healers use Lava rock to provide themselves with calmness and strength. The Obsidian is said to be protective and shield you from negativity. Agate is used to enhance mental function & improve your concentration, making this a perfect decorative accessory for your workspace.

My Opinion

I fill my house with room fragrances, from scented candles, to reed infusers or pot pourri.  I loved the idea of using natural products and do have a love of oils, which I use for my daughter.  On opening the volcanic pot pourri, I fell in love with it from the volcanic rocks to the shiny stones and adding the drops you could immediately smell the amazing aroma of the BLOOM fragrance that I chose.

I will be buying more of these for my home with different fragrances, and can not wait to try the winter one that sounds like it just smells of Christmas.

Have you tried natural products before?

Boostology - The Gifts That Do Good Review


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    1. You can buy an unscented version if you have a particular oil you love and add your own. I love this as it is different and the combination of the dull and shiny stones look great

  1. I just finally got into diffusers and I am in love, I am the same about scented products, I have plugins, candles, and room perfumes as well.

  2. I love the look of the volcanic pot pourri. I have some regular pot pourri in my lounge and I love it, but this would look extra special.

  3. Love candles and fragrances but never heard of this brand-Will take a look, would never think of volcanic pot pouri!

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