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Why You Should Encourage Outdoor Learning for Your Child?

When children are young, it’s important that they explore different learning environments, not just the classroom. Unfortunately though, many children across the country do not have access to a safe outdoor environment in which they can play freely, get some fresh air and exercise and explore new surroundings. That’s why it’s important for schools to incorporate outdoor learning into their curriculum. And for parents to encourage it on weekends and school holidays. In fact, there are lots of things parents can do to help children learn in a multitude of ways. Here’s some advice from a nursery in Somerset.

Outdoor learning

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Outdoor learning is a great way to teach children to respect nature and the environment as a whole. By finding an interest in the great outdoors, children will become more conscious of how their choices and behaviour can impact the environment. Parents should take their children on long walks where they can learn about different plants, bugs and even animals. You could even teach them about the different seasons and how the trees change with the weather. This sort of activity also allows children to explore and develop their physical abilities and be active and healthy.

What are Kinaesthetic Learners

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Kinaesthetic learners tend to retain information through active movement and the senses, so outdoor learning is perfect for them. While some students love to read and write, others prefer to experiment and explore, so outdoor learning will be really beneficial for them. What’s more, being outdoors tens to help children develop their critical thinking skills and the ability to compare what goes on in text books to what goes on out in the real world. As a result, they begin to appreciate how complicated the real world actually is, which allows for more realistic expectations.

If you require any more advice or would like some tips on how to get your kids outside, don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher. They will be able to give you some information on the curriculum so you can match your out of school experiences to what your youngster is learning about in class.

Why You Should Encourage Outdoor Learning for Your Child?

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