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Why Garden Design Is More Important Than You Might Think

When it comes to properties, interior design is a thought-out process to make the most of the space for comfortable living. However, in some cases, once the inside of your home is done, the garden is an afterthought. To complement the exterior of your home, and create a transitional living space that can be enjoyed by family and friends. Considering the design of this area is essential. You can, of course, go for that ‘wow factor’ look and hire professionals to design a garden that stylish and useable. Or you can create a unique space with some hard graft of your own.

Why Garden Design Is More Important Than You Might Think


Whatever you decide to do, how you design the space is more important than you might first think. To get the most use out of the footage, developing the area is critical for both living and planting aspects. So check out why the design of your garden could impact its ambience and usability for you and your family.

It sets the atmosphere for your outside space

The design of your garden can have a significant impact on what type of ambience you want to portray in this outside area. Where you plant individual flowers or position garden furniture sets the scene for its appearance. And the colours and types of shrubbery offer different tones and moods in the space. Natural areas are known to help promote health and wellbeing. So this area could help create a calming vibe to enjoy. You could also make a vibrant arrangement work for a family space to offer a fun and carefree feel.

Enhances privacy

Many people see their garden space as a haven away from prying eyes. So to make this area a place to ultimately relax; you need to consider the privacy options. Some gardens lend themselves naturally to a more secluded setting, while others may have neighbours nearby. To enhance this area, planning your barriers and screening is a helpful way to create a relaxing space. That doesn’t make you feel like you’re sitting with an audience. Traditional fences with concrete fence posts are a popular option, as you can choose different heights and styles. These also hold firm against the elements.

If you’re looking for a more natural vibe, hedges and wild shrubbery is also an excellent option. Some species grow quickly and have thick composition to provide a softer screening around your property. This type of barrier can also create a more inviting curb appeal. Especially in rural areas, as it fits beautifully into the surroundings.

It showcases your personality

There’s nothing more important than showcasing originality and personality in garden design. Even if you hire the help of a professional. They will strive to create an area that fits with your style and requirements. Gardens provide some of the best opportunities for creativity. And you can plan areas for play or relaxation depending on your individual needs. As gardens are raw and natural areas, your design ideas don’t have to be perfect. The beauty of outside spaces is that if something doesn’t quite go to plan, you can always replant or re-turf to correct it. This might set you back some money and time. But experimenting with ideas and concepts makes it all the more fun when you get the garden of dreams.

Mixing function with style

Another element a garden has to be is functional. There’s no point in having a beautiful space that no one can use, so designing with function in mind is essential. Of course, practical design doesn’t have to be boring either, and even the technical aspects can be jazzed up a little to make them stand out. When designing the space, it’s crucial to think about the type of materials you’ll be using and how long they’ll last against the elements. Another add-on to this is safety. Ensuring you are using designs specific to requirements, for example, you potentially wouldn’t have stepped areas if the kids are always running in and out, as they are more of a trip hazard.

Light the way

Although the overall design is critical, another element to think about is lighting. There are numerous ways to light your garden from bright security features to twinkling fairy lights. Lighting also fits into what type of ambience you want to create, as bright lights may be great for seeing in low light, but they’ll be outlandish if you’re trying to set a calming living space. It’s also worth considering using solar lighting options in your garden, as these will cost a lot less than external electricity.

It relaxes the mind

Natural spaces are said to have a positive influence on your body and mind. Just being outside can improve your mood, plus working out in the outdoors also does wonder for your physical and mental wellbeing. Garden design can help improve your health, and small touches around the space will instantly lift the spirits. Several renowned garden designers have honed their skills to make a space based on the psychology of the body and mind, but you can also create it yourself to get a similar experience. Try looking at famous garden designs and look at the history and concepts behind them. Many spaces were designed to make people happy, so you can take some inspiration from what type of aspects to include in your little haven.

Encouraging social interaction

Many people enjoy their garden with loved ones, so designing the space to encourage social interaction is essential. Opting for a communal living area around the back of your property incorporating patio and conservatory areas is a great idea. You could also create smaller snug spaces that add an element of seclusion and privacy for those that want to sit back and relax with nature. Alongside a social alfresco area, you could also include a cooking and dining spot to encourage festivities and family bonding over delicious food further.

Garden design is an important element to consider when you’re looking spruce your external spaces up. So why not take some inspiration from the above when you’re planning the design to make the most of your natural areas.


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