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When You Need More Than Online Banking

These days banking is so much easier from what it used to be.  When I first started using banks and also worked in a bank.  We did not have online banking or even telephone banking.  In order to see how our account was we would either use an ATM or visit the branch.


Banking Today

In today’s world banking is so much easier, we are able to view our accounts online. Or via an app on our phone without having to leave the house or even talk to someone.  I know for me having this facility makes life so much easier and I can keep track of my finances. Meaning I do not have to make a special trip into town to visit my bank or phone up with an enquiry.

When things go wrong

when things go wrong

But what do we do if something goes wrong and we need to contact our bank.  It could be that you have spent more than you thought and need an overdraft.  Or you have a direct debit that should have been cancelled.  Or something that has recently happened to us our card had been used for a few transactions of quite large amounts that were nothing to do with us.

You need to contact your bank, and suddenly realise you are so used to dealing with your app on your phone or online on your computer.  Realising that you never talk to your bank.

How do you speak to someone who can help you, without having to go into your branch, or if it is outside normal banking hours. Santander Bank customer services are there to help you 24/7.  So you can deal with whatever the problem is quickly and put your mind at rest.

I know for us when we had our card used, it sent us into a panic, and knowing we could speak to someone straight away and have the payment stopped and our card cancelled.  Gave us a huge relief so we did not need to wait for the branch to open the following day and cause us a worrying nights sleep.

Have you ever had a cause to contact your bank outside normal working hours?


When You Need More Than Online Banking






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