When you are looking or Child Care

When you are looking or Child Care

Being a parent means taking care of our children, giving them a safe and happy home environment.  I have been lucky to work from home and whenever possible have been here to care for my children, calling on Grandparents if needed.

Hearing from other parents who do struggle with child care, and how difficult it is to find someone trustworthy I have been researching to see if there are options available.

What happens if you have no one else?

Childcare.co.uk are an award-winning online social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors.  With over 2 million members since they launched in 2009, with apps for both iOS and Android users.

How Do I Know My Children Will Be Safe?

As a parent I know how precious our children are to us, and knowing your child will be safe is priority to anything.  With that in mind the first place I would look is reviews by other parents.

screen shot of reviews


You can see and read reviews from others who have used the service, which is always a positive start.  Giving you peace of mind before you look further into using the services.

Finding Suitable Childcare



Before you register you can find out more about the services they offer, who is available in your area and narrowing down to your personal preferences.  So even if at this stage you are unsure you can still research the site looking for the perfect person to look after your child.

Making Contact

Even at this stage you are still secure that you do not need to give any personal information until you feel you are ready to.  Again giving both you and your family security.

My Overall Opinion

 This is such a great service for parents needing child care, especially at the moment while we are all dealing with the corona virus and are limitations.  What if you are a keyworker you are essential to your work.  We may need to use child care more now than ever before.  This gives you the opportunity to look for last-minute child care, knowing it is safe and secure.  I know as a parent who is protective of my own children this is a service I would have used when they were younger.

How are you coping with child care?





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  1. I love the fact they currently have virtual nannies and tutors too, such an innovative idea for lockdown! It is a really useful site.

  2. I have unfortuately never been blessed in the childcare department. Reaching out has always been with friends who know my daughter. Having a trusted babysitter to hand would make my life easier – liking the idea of this childcare.co.uk! Sim x

    1. I have always been fortunate with my parents or school friends, but there are so many people who like you do not have this luxury and need safe reliable childcare

  3. I don’t live close to my parents hence i know how important it is to have a reliable and safe child care for your children as I struggled when my kids were young.

    1. It is always a worry finding childcare for our children as we have to know that they will be safe and well looked after x

  4. Finding the right childcare sure is a worrisome thing to go through for many. For most of my boys younger years my Mom watched them but there was a period where I had to look for someone and it was stressful.

    1. It is great having family support, but there are times when that is not an option and nice to know there is a back up should you need to use it x

  5. I have used this service before when I needed a childminder for you youngest a few years ago. It is a really good website 🙂

  6. Childcare.co.uk sounds like a fantastic website and really helpful too! I love that you can be really specific with what and who you are looking for and that you can see lots of info about the providers too!

    1. I love that you can do as much research, chatting and put your own requirements which makes it easier for a parent if using childcare x

  7. It’s reassuring there are resources like this as picking the right childcare isn’t an easy task! I am fortunate I have close family nearby to rely on, but its not possible for everyone.

  8. It is a great app, I used it when I was a childminder and now the pre-school I work at has registered too

  9. This sounds like a really great resource. I need to start looking at childcare options for my little one so will definitely be using this site.
    C x

  10. My Mum was a maternity nurse and night nanny so I have experienced this site from the other side so to say, and I really liked how in depth it encouraged childcare providers to be.

    1. That is lovely to hear that you have also experienced from the other side as well it is nice to hear other peoples experiences x

  11. I have to admit that I am glad my kids are now beyond needing childcare any longer. It used to be a headache at times, making it work around us, but I’ve heard good things about childcare.co.uk. Mich x

  12. I have been fortunate to always have family to look after my kids if needs be. But this site looks like a great alternative for those that don’t

    1. I was always lucky but this is such a great back up for those odd times where you do need to rely on childcare

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