What to Do If Your Child is Performing Poorly at School

What to Do If Your Child is Performing Poorly at School

No matter how hard you try to help, it is not uncommon for a child to struggle academically at some point throughout their education. It can be quite concerning and frustrating for you both, but there are things you can do to help, as explored below by a prep school in Kent. The first place to start is accepting that school isn’t going to be a smooth ride at all times, but as long as they know they have your support, your child will get through the hardship.

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If you have recognised that your child is struggling with their school work and homework has become a dreaded battle. It is vital that you contact the school as soon as you can and work closely with your child’s teachers. To help resolve the situation where possible. Both you and the teachers have the same end goal, so be sure to build an alliance, as collaboration is key.

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When your child is doing their homework, let them make their own mistakes rather than correcting them. When the go wrong and handing in a completely perfect assignment. The teachers will not know which areas of their lessons they need to focus more time on. If the parents are completing the homework on their child’s behalf. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there to lend a helping hand when they need one. It just means you should refrain from altering any of their answers.

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If they struggle to complete their homework. Let them take a break so that they can blow off some steam and come back to it when they have calmed down. It’s perfectly okay to let them feel frustrated and angry at times. Try not to be too hard on your child if their grades start slipping. The added pressure from you will only make things worse. Reward them for their efforts and how hard they’re trying. Instead of punishing them when they don’t do as well as you’d all hoped.


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  1. This is really sound advice. We all feel that we want our child to excel academically, not only for themselves but for our bragging rights as well. However, not allowing them to learn through their mistakes is not helping them at all. We must not put pressure on our children to achieve perfect scores, It would be for their best interest if we guide them and supplement/reinforce the lessons they learned at school.

    1. You deserve the bragging rights haha, children do have periods where they struggle, they have to learn their own way whether through mistakes or just trying other ways

  2. In some cultures, kids are being scolded and even flogged for bad grades. These tips serve as great alternatives for such parents.

    1. Oh no that is so sad :(, I always told mine you are better in somethings and not so good in others life would be boring if everyone was the same

  3. Kids these days are just busy playing video games and some outdoor games too, that may lower their performance in school. And the homework thing is a pain it’s like there is no end to it but thats what teaches us the secret of self-study.

  4. We have our own ways – I do appreciate this way. the hardest part in here is the balance of the actions to be done. They learn so fast and sometime we are just shocked that they have actually learned something from our own ways – adaptation.

  5. Such a tough subject to deal with, but so worthwhile to deal with. Academics are quite important, so it’s great that parents actually care!

  6. I agree with you 100%. if a child is tired and cannot concentrate especially on the studies and homework, it is best to let them take some rest and then start again.

  7. sound advice, we let the kids get on with their own homeowrk but are they if they wan to ask questions/discuss or check a point.

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