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What Can We Learn From Covid & Its Associated Lockdowns?

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Thinking of ‘silver linings’ that have come into play as a result of Covid-19 is wildly insensitive, and so we don’t do that here. It’s very clear that many people are struggling, and more people will before this is ‘over’. That said, instead of looking for nice aphorisms or handwaving the damage Covid has caused, it can be worthwhile to think of challenge as something to be learned from.

Of course, none of us were at fault for it, only our own actions in helping to prevent the spread, and perhaps that’s the first and most important lesson – we are still part of a national and global community, no matter how isolated and cut-off from our peers we can seem, and no matter how aggressive debates on Twitter can seem. What else can be learned from this process?

If we’re honest, we can learn plenty. It’s always the times that test us most that have the most to teach, even if they’re small lessons that we choose to open our heart to. Let’s consider:

We’re More Significant Than We Think

We have all had a part to play in this pandemic, even if that means simply washing our hands, social distancing and wearing mask. We are all more significant than we think, even if that means checking in on our friends, expressing our sympathies to those we care about, or your donations to charities, your willingness to donate goods, your ability to share good news on social media, and sometimes, even the authentically expressed pain you show. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us it’s that yes, we’re part of a community, but we’re also a community of individuals that have something important to say – even if that’s just thanking the NHS with all our hearts.

Self-Care Is Imperative

Self-care is more than just a new-age concept that entrepreneurs use to squeeze out eighteen hours of work a day and to feel less frustrated about doing so. It’s a very real practice with very real results, no matter if you take CBD, or meditate, or simply enjoy a peaceful bath or a book from time to time, taking what little time you can to tend to yourself, to fortify your position – all of this can help you feel more connected to your authentic self. In that way, self-care could (and should) become a new norm we all espouse the benefits of.

Gratitude Is Always Justified

You can never be too grateful for what you have. This sounds like a mocking approach to take if everything around you is difficult and tragedy has struck your life of course, but try to keep in mind just what you do have. It might be that a recent difficult situation has brought your family closer together.

We can be grateful for our NHS. We can be grateful for the fact that schooling is online, or that we can still spend some time in the park, or that we can still enjoy an evening meal with our family. The more we can stay grateful for the simple things, and the real good we do experience every day, the less we can take it for granted. At a time like this, and forever really, that’s totally essential.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily learn positive lessons from Covid and its associated lockdowns.

What Can We Learn From Covid & Its Associated Lockdowns?

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