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What are some of the common parenting challenges?

Parenting is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences one can ever have. However, it can also prove a challenging or frustrating task of all time, as it presents different and overwhelming responsibilities.

As a parent, you not only have the loving and protecting roles, but you must also ensure you provide your children with experience of natural consequences and education on various important life skills such as financial education, first aid training and handling emotional situations. Besides, children are constantly learning new things, which implies that they’ll encounter different situations where you must step in to help them manage.

The roles and responsibilities to fulfil can sometimes present many parenting challenges that you may not know what to do in different situations. Fortunately, we have made your work easier by discussing some of the most common parenting challenges and how you can overcome them.

Here are challenges most parents faces while raising children

  • Limited family time

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Having quality time with your child is one of the most imperative parenting roles as a parent or guardian. However, it has been quite challenging for most working parents to juggle between tiresome office duties, home or household tasks, and even spend some time with their children.

But, why should you spend more time with your child?

It would be tough to understand your child’s behaviours, needs, and imperfections if you don’t spend time with them. Besides, how would you control, manage or help your child if you don’t even know what they want?

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, ensure you have better time management to reserve some quality time for your family and children. Spending time with your child is essential for several reasons, including:

  • It would help solidify your bond with your child 
  • Having you around them adds some sense of security or well-being. It prevents them from suffering ignorance or becoming victims of inferiority.
  • Help monitor your children’s behaviours, and they would be less likely to be involved in risky behaviors.
  • Handling mental or emotional needs of children

Lack of mental or emotional bonding is one of the primary challenges that would result when parents don’t take their time with their children. 

Besides, your child wants to feel loved and cared for, both mentally and physically. And the chances are high that they would feel happy if you listen to their emotional and mental feelings or desires.

Also, most children are going through different challenges, from managing their emotions and feelings to peer pressure. In most cases, most of the children would not disclose how they feel. 

But of course, that may depend on the willingness to tell how they feel or that parents have time to listen to their children’s emotions. 

Therefore, as a parent, ensure you get time to listen to your child’s emotions. Get to know and understand what they want and feel and try handling their problems with love and patience. Most importantly, train your child about social-emotional learning. This would also help create an emotional bond, and they would be free to share their concerns with you. 

  • Dealing with disobedient children

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Children’s defiance is among the common challenges most parents struggle to deal with, especially in teenagers or adolescents. 

There are situations when your child would want to take care of their life, and any attempt to correct them would face some rebellion. Of course, they may feel they’re suitable even if they are not.

In such cases, they may show some disobedience traits like back talking or not listening to instructions given to them. 

So how can you handle a defiant child?

Set expectations– ensure you make straightforward chores and rules of the house that they must adhere to. However, avoid setting unrealistic expectations because you may create other problems. Thus make age-appropriate rules to curb their behaviours.

Understand the root of their behaviour– if your child shows signs of aggressive behaviours, you have to check out what could have triggered their defiance. Sometimes, you may have been the reason for their acts. So, investigate the cause and find the proper steps to handle or adjust the situation. 

Therefore, please teach the importance of discipline and respect for others to your children. Let them know how to control their feelings or express their emotions when they feel they are wronged.  

  • Impacting moral value

Some children would engage in undesirable and immoral activities due to their parents’ lack of proper moral teaching. Maybe you have come across a child who would never say any simple gratitude or etiquettes like, thank you, please, excuse me, among others.  

Due to inadequate moral values, your child would fail to distinguish between what’s wrong and write, thus getting to practice more inappropriate characters. Also, they may be affected by the negative side of technology, like watching pornography, which would destroy their morals.

Therefore, you should ensure you always keep a tab of what your child is doing, saying, or watching and teach the best morals that would help them live or socialize safely with others. 


Taking care of your child may sometimes prove a daunting process with several challenges like children’s defiance, imbalance immoral and behaviours. There’s a need to take time with your child and understand their feelings, emotions and show them love while directing them on the right path to follow. 

What are some of the common parenting challenges?


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  • Carly Belsey
    14th July 2021 at 4:20 am

    It is definitely very challenging trying to be a good parent, especially when time is limited but I always try and listen to my children and spend quality time with them as much as I can. Great advice.

    • admin
      14th July 2021 at 10:05 am

      Parenting is not easy at times, and all we can do is do our best and give them some quality time and always listen

    17th July 2021 at 2:34 pm

    I’m not a parent (yet) but a very interesting read x


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