My Weekly Update – 23/01/2017

Wow another week has passed, and time for my weekly update (again). This past week has honestly gone so fast, it has been a very mixed week.

I will start off with C, she has struggled a lot this week. Her legs just do not seem to want to work properly and is causing her more pain than normal. Also her jaw seems to be worse and she is having more head pains too.

As you already know, she now goes to school for one hour a day on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the hope of increasing.  She could not manage Tuesday, she did try to get up but collapsed. Wednesday we had already planned for her to go into a normal lesson (Spanish). Her best friend is in the class and her tutor would be there too.  This would give her a chance to feel normal and have a proper lesson. Also to let everyone see she has not died, moved away, lost all her hair to cancer etc (these are just a few of the rumours).

She has a real stubborn streak in her, and managed to go in half an hour before the lesson. To have a catch up with her 1-2-1 tutor and then go into lesson. Her face said it all when she came out. She looked she looked so happy, but you could see the pain and tiredness. I had a struggle to get her out to the car.  Thursday she was suffering from Wednesday.  But she felt so great to do something normal, it was worth it.

I have not had chance to do much else really as been dealing with C a lot more this week. And doing stuff at home, and having huge sort outs it is amazing how good it makes you feel, getting rid of a lot of clutter.

I have also been having battles with the 18 year old. Nothing major more a battle of wills.  It has inspired another post from me about living with teens, as honestly I swear I was never this bad.

My photo this week, is a memory from about 3-4 years ago when we had snow and C & Max had great fun playing out in the snow together.

I hope you have all had a great week x

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Comments (34)

  • naomi 2 years ago Reply

    i’m sorry to hear it’s been a bit of a stressful week 🙁

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • LaaLaa 2 years ago Reply

    I’m sorry to hear how bad C was but does she have some fight in her, I’m glad she was happy going into school even if her body was fighting against her and the teenager headache – I can only imagine xo

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    She has struggled since and we are ready for our new school week starting tomorrow, but she wanted to go in for her lesson and I am so proud of her for doing so x

  • Lynne Harper 2 years ago Reply

    What a fabulous picture, i love it. Sorry your daughter has had a tough week, she sounds so determined 🙂 hope the week ahead allows her some ease. I battle constantly with my 16 year old lol very stubborn boy but a sweetie at time, the joys of the teenage years x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you, they had such fun in the snow. She is stubborn and determined, although has wiped her out. I have a post planned in my head about my 18 year old, honestly I swear we were never this bad x

  • Lottie 2 years ago Reply

    I love having a good clear out too! It makes such a difference to all aspects of your life. That’s a fab picture to treasure 🙂

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    It does make a difference having a good clear out, I need to do my clothes and wardrobe next, I love the photo C was such a happy healthy little person back then x

  • Ana De- Jesus 2 years ago Reply

    Aw bless her for being so determined and making it through the lesson, here is hoping she improves with time. She is making progress!

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    She has her Dad’s stubborn streak and was determined to go in, was so proud of her, she has struggled since, but they all seem to be at the moment x

  • Hayley Warren 2 years ago Reply

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bad week, I hope the next week is easier on you all.

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • Stephanie Merry 2 years ago Reply

    What a great picture! Sorry to hear it’s been a stressful week though x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • Sarah Bailey 2 years ago Reply

    I’m so happy C was able to make it through her lesson though she has struggled since then. I’m sure it gave her a mental boost to be able to go in to school and get through the lesson and be there with classmates. I pray she will improve. What a beautiful picture of C and Max in happier times x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Honestly, her face when she came out was a picture, she is up to go again this week and just to do one normal lesson in a whole class that isn’t too noisy is a huge achievement and something I didn’t think we would see for a very long time. I love this picture they spent hours playing together x

  • Rhian Westbury 2 years ago Reply

    It must have been so lovely to see her so happy after her Wednesday class x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    It was, her face said it all x

  • Rachel 2 years ago Reply

    I think C making it through her lesson is amazing and such a great feat bless her, the look on her face must have made it all so worthwhile x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    The look on her face was priceless, she felt so happy to just have a slice of normality x

  • The London Mum 2 years ago Reply

    Poor C. It must be so tough on her, but I’m so glad she managed a whole class. Those little bits of normality must mean the world to her.

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    It is tough for her, and my heart breaks daily for her especially at the moment, she did so well am proud of her x

  • Milly Youngman 2 years ago Reply

    So sorry to hear it’s been a bit of a tough week for you, but definitely a great success for C to get through her lesson – what a trooper!

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    She did so well, am so proud of her x

  • fashion-mommy 2 years ago Reply

    C is so inspirational in her fight and determination. I’m glad she made it through the lesson.x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you, she does have a stubborn streak in her that seems to be working in her favour at the moment x

  • Jess 2 years ago Reply

    C has such determination bless her, I’m so glad she managed a full lesson with her friend. I’m sorry that it’s been such a tough time for you.

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    She is a stubborn little thing, but is going through it at the moment bless her x

  • Joanna 2 years ago Reply

    Sorry to hear u have had a stressful week. Well done on C making it through the lesson.

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    She did great, was so proud of her x

  • Baby Isabella 2 years ago Reply

    She sounds like a little trooper, you should be super proud of her stubbornness and courage. My mummy has all the ‘teenage’ thing to look forward too!

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    She is a trooper and am very proud of her, I am sure you will be a great teenager x

  • Stephanie Cummings 2 years ago Reply

    Sorry it’s been a tough old week but must have been good to see how happy (despite the pain) she was for making it through the lesson

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    It was great to see her looking so happy and determined x

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