Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

Now that summer has waved us goodbye, it is time to take a check on our health. To help keep us healthy over the winter months.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through supplements, like Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is sometimes known as the sunshine vitamin, as we get our D3 via the sun.  Which is why in the summer we automatically keep this topped up whilst going about our daily lives.  In the winter when it is cold and raining, we start to obtain less.

As we get older and for those who are ill and not able to get out into the sunlight. You become prone to having a Vitamin D deficiency.

Why Are Supplements Important?

Since my Daughter became ill, and mostly bedbound, she is not able to maintain the levels in her body, as she normally would.  This means giving her extra supplements so her body can maintain what she needs. When we first started this journey I was unaware of just how many different supplements there were. Or how each one works with our bodies.

It is also important, when using supplements to purchase from reputable retailers and that the supplements are of a high standard.

At the beginning it is also a minefield of what supplements you need. As you sit and look through different supplements for different areas.  Not knowing what you need or which to try first. Innopure have realised this and taken all the hard work and confusion away.

You can search their site by health needs, and this brings up the supplements you need to help with that health need.  I searched Immune System as that is what we are dealing with, as ME and Fibromyalgia are all linked with your immune system. This has now given me a long shopping list of other supplements that I need to order, some we do already use but others we have not tried yet.

I am a strong believer in using supplements to help maintain a healthy life, as I feel this helps keeping you healthy and avoids taking prescription medicines.  Which is something I am hating for my daughter at the moment.

Do you take supplements?



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  1. Normally, I’m not a fan of supplements but particularly vitamin D is really difficult to obtain in a natural way.

  2. I had vitamin D deficiency and I kept ignoring it until my knees started hurting and the doctor didn’t know what was causing it. My chiropractor was the one who suggested I take vitamin D3 and see if it helps. One week after taking it and my knees were completely healed.

  3. I do try to take vitamin D naturally but sometimes find that I need to take a supplement too. I think this would probably be something I would need to take especially over the winter.

    1. Most of us do get our vitamin D naturally through the summer, when we are out and about more. But during winter or for those who do not get out as much they do need a helping hand

  4. I believe taking supplements is essential to stay healthy and to build our immunity. We cannot get all the essential vitamins and nutrients in the food we eat, so taking supplements will help fill in that gap.

  5. Great post, I listened to a podcast from Dr Rhonda Patrick and she takes double the normal dosage of vitamin D everyday as she says humans are so deficient in it. She also said that if you live in a cold country like the UK you need to take eve more! Keep up the great work with this blog!!!! 🙂

    1. That is interesting to read, I have not heard about taking extra dosage of Vitamin D. Will have to read a bit more about it

  6. Totally agree with you. Since I don’t really go out a lot, my doctor advised me to take Vitamin D supplements too. I guess it helps especially if we can’t have a totally 100% healthy lifestyle. 🙂

    1. Vitamin D3 is essential especially for those who are housebound and can not get out and about. There is a lot to be said for supplements and if you take the right ones they can make a huge difference. I have seen a big change in C since taking these

  7. Since i am working for a pharmaceutical company, I agree that it is indeed essential to drink supplements that are of high standards and to buy it only from reputable stores. Vitamins are very important to us especially if we have lots of activities everyday. And remember that our health is our greatest wealth. :).

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